Sardinia on the road, from Dorgali to Arbatax

When you think of a summer holiday you can not help but consider Sardinia.

The island, immersed in the Mediterranean Sea, offers the public a large number of fully equipped resorts to receive tourists throughout the summer season. The mild climate here is the master, and the crystal clear sea is truly inimitable.

Among the most popular places in the province of Nuoro are Dorgali, with its fraction Cala Gonone, and Arbatax. The two centers are about 60 km away, and are ideal for those who want to organize a classic and relaxing holiday, both for those who are looking for an experience “on the road”, moving from day to day to new destinations.

What to do in Dorgali

Dorgali is a very lively centre all year round, and not only in summer. Tourism is a relatively recent phenomenon in this area, and that is well represented by the growth of the village Cala Gonone, which soon became the main seaside resort of this area.

The development of Cala Gonone took place thanks to the construction of a tunnel, which made the movement from Dorgali much easier than in the past. The economy of this village is mostly linked to tourism, thanks to the presence of many accommodation facilities. Most of these buildings were already there and have been renovated.

Urbanization has actually been reduced to a minimum, and the location remains largely untouched. It can be the ideal compromise for those who want to spend their holidays in a place in close contact with nature, but a few kilometers from a center with every service, which is Dorgali.

If you think that in Cala Gonone you can only rest on a deck chair on the beach you are mistaken. The particular conformation of the territory makes this place an excellent destination for those who love to spend “active” holidays, practicing different outdoor sports.

You can make spectacular underwater excursions, accompanied by experts in the area. Alternatively you can have fun by mountain biking or hiking on the paths that line the sea and go back inland. This site is also inhabited by the rare monk seal that inhabits the Gulf of Orosei, 

In addition, the area of Dorgali has been inhabited since ancient times, and this has led to the accumulation of archaeological traces of different cultures over the centuries. It goes from the remains of the nuragic era, present only in Sardinia and for this not to be missed, to the traces of the Roman and Byzantine domination first and then.

Finally, among the most modern attractions, we mention the new aquarium, built in Cala Gonone.

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What to do in Arbatax

Going down along the coast of the province of Nuoro you can meet the locality known as Arbatax. It is a fraction of the nearby town of Torboli.

The name Arbatax could be quite atypical, and it seems that it may derive directly from the Latin “arbutus”, in reference to a plant of the area. The town is located on a small peninsula immersed in the Tyrrhenian Sea, called Capo Bellavista.

Among the most characteristic points of Arbatax there are definitely the Red Rocks. Sometimes you might even find them referred to as “Red Rocks”. Their peculiarity, as the name suggests, is the red color, which makes these rocks stand out on the surrounding landscape. Here you can also swim in the sea freely. The water is usually very clean. 

This panorama at the time struck the director Lina Wertmuller, who inserted this beach in the famous film “Overwhelmed by an unusual destiny”.

Another very suggestive point is the Lighthouse of Bellavista, which takes its name from the homonymous peninsula. This lighthouse should date back to the ‘600, and is still in operation. In some periods it is open to the public.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the Tower of San Gemiliano. Arbatax, with its position, has had the function of outpost on the sea to be able to spot any invaders. The Tower of San Gemiliano was one of the fundamental structures to be able to observe the sea from above. Today the tower is still standing and can be visited by tourists in total safety.

Savour the Sardinian tradition

Sardinians are masters in preserving traditions, of which they are proudly proud (and we challenge anyone to blame them). From this point of view both Dorgali and Arbatax are an excellent example of places where you can still enjoy excellent dishes.

If you are in Dorgali we recommend you to taste the roast pork, perhaps one of the most famous dishes of the Sardinian culinary tradition. The restaurants in the area know how to prepare meat in a way that is very tasty and tasty.

In Arbatax we suggest you try culurgiones. They are ravioli that usually have potatoes and the typical Sardinian cheese.

In both locations do not forget to close the meal with excellent seadas. And as for wines do bring to the table of Cannonau, among the main wines of the province of Nuoro.

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