Sailing in Italy for the holidays

Ancient sport, sailing is lost in the history of man as a business, trade and exploration. A large page of culture and technological evolution, written by men of the sea and builders. But sailing in Italy is also possible.

Your nights were marked by the deep desire to stay up late to see the America’s Cup Luna Rossa triumph? Surely this was one of the greatest merits that prompted more people to become interested in a “different” and very charming sport, as that of sailing, which is not well known in Italy. In addition to being designed as a sport, you can choose sail also as perfect medium on which to build a vacation.

It is indeed a perfect blend of passion and relaxation pushed by the unconditional love for nature, for the discovery of spectacular places where you can surf learning to live in close contact with the wind and the sea, capable of transporting us to a condition far from contemporary, at the limits of “primitive”. If you love the sea, there is no doubt that this activity will allow you to know and explore it so very different than the traditional walk on the beach, opening the door to new horizons.

Knowing the sails, the rigging, the different components, and especially the winds is the most fun aspect of this activity. If you really want to approach this sport, you can become part of a real marine community with qualified instructors who will do their best to teach you the ropes. There are several sailing schools located throughout Italy, often occur close to nature reserves and places with a strong tourist vocation, just to mention a few, we present Porto Pozzo in Sardinia, Torre Guaceto in Puglia, the island of Elba the Ventotene Island, the island of Palmaria and the island of Caprera.

Only possible sore point is its cost! In fact, since this is a niche activity, this is generally considered as a sport for rich people, both during the boat rental that for those who buy a property.
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