The road of brigands, trekking between Abruzzo and Lazio

The Briganti Trail is a trekking route between Abruzzo and Lazio, in the frame of the Central Apennines, which crosses a wild and uncontaminated nature, facing old mule tracks and descending into the atmosphere of medieval villages.

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But it is also a border route: the border in the History of Italy, when the Sabaudians entered the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, in the path towards unification; the geographical border between the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and the Papal States, where the brigands moved from one side to the other on horseback, fighting the newcomers; the blurred border between justice and injustice, between the clandestinity chosen by those who could not afford the new taxes and kidnappings and abuses, facts and suffered.

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The Briganti Trail is a loop path of 100 km, divided into 7 stages in this version on foot (but also accessible by bicycle), in the footsteps of the Brigands of the Cartore Band. We are in the undisturbed nature of Val del Varri, the Salto Valley and the slopes of Mount Velino, a wild land that offers us wonderful views. Along the way you stay at an average altitude (between 800 and 1300 meters).

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Although the route is easily accessible and equipped in the various stages, there is no continuous signage, so it is important to follow the gpx tracks proposed.

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Stage 1: From Sante Marie to Santo Stefano, in the woods of the Marsica

Il Strada dei Briganti is a path in trekking between Abruzzo and Lazio, in the frame of the Central Apennines, which crosses una strong>natura selvaggia ed incontaminata facing old mule tracks and descending into the atmosphere of medieval villages.

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Stage 2: From Santo Stefano to Nesce, in the wild Cicolano

The second stage of the trek along the Briganti’s Way riparte from Santo Stefano. The first 6 km spend proceeding flat or on slight descents and, crossing the border between Abruzzo and Lazio, lead to the Val de Varri, an unspoilt place and little frequented by tourist flows.

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Stage 3: From Nesce to Cartore, through the Montagne della Duchessa Nature Reserve

The Road of the Brigands starts from the village of Nesce at the time of Cartore, with a trek to the slopes of Mount Velino. You descend the river Salto, walking alongside its course for a stretch. The itinerary continues under the Monte Rosea until the hamlet of Spedino, passing near the ancient municipality of Borgorose: we are in the southern area of the Duchessa Mountains Nature Reserve, from the panorama limestone reliefs carved by deep valleys, with Lake Duchessa that makes it a jewel landscape.

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Stage 4: Trekking ring from Cartore to the Duchessa Lake

The fourth stage in trekking is the only one to be ad ring. The itinerary is among the highest peaks of the Reserve “Mountains of the Duchess”, the Mount Morrone and the Murolungo, rising from 950 meters di Cartoren at an altitude of 1800 meters, where is the real jewel of this stretch: the Duchess Lake. Here, in the typical Apennine landscape, the sheep graze serene in the green of the meadows, accompanied by shepherds.

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Stage 5: From Cartore to Rosciolo, on the slopes of Mount Velino

The fifth stage of the Briganti Trail is a rather short walk, which from Cartore quickly enters Abruzzo, going up to the Passo delle Forche at the foot of Mount Velino, in the homonymous Nature Reserve. You can then descend to the picturesque Church of Santa Maria in Valle Porclaneta, located in a secluded area on the slopes of Mount Velino. Of Benedictine origin, the building is one of the most interesting examples of Abruzzo Romanesque art, with Arab-Hispanic, Byzantine and Longobard influences.

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Stage 6: From Rosciolo to Casale le Crete, near the villages of Marsica

The sixth stage starts from the village of Rosciolo, a medieval village built on top of a limestone hill of Marsica. From here the path, first unpaved and then paved, descends between stone houses and alleys, proceeding towards the Magliano de’ Marsi, a beautiful village built near the river Salto.

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Stage 7: From Casale Le Crete to Sante Marie, along the Imele Valley

From Casale Le Crete, in the municipality of Tagliacozzo, begins the last stage of the Briganti Trail, which closes the ring and brings travelers back to Sante Marie, the starting point of the entire itinerary.

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