Rivers and lakes of Italy: which are the most important

Discover the main Italian rivers and lakes

Worldwide the rivers and lakes of Italy are famous. You should know that this nation is composed of 1500 lakes and 1200 rivers. These data make it one of the most water-rich nations with a particularly extensive hydrographic network.

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Here you can discover the most important lakes and rivers in Italy that over the millennia have shaped the territory of the Italian regions that cross. You will also know what they are and why they are so important.

Rivers and lakes in Italy: what are they and what is their importance?

the water resources of a country become more and more fundamental and for this reason they must be defended and safeguarded. Rivers are large, perennial streams that flow to the surface. The lakes are cavities where a mass of fresh water has merged.


The rivers and lakes have a great importance for the territories that cross and determine the climate and nature as well as the morphology and life of its inhabitants. In fact in the past these waterways had a decisive role in the life of men and in the development of the economy of these territories.

Today they are fundamental for the production of electricity and also for the irrigation of the fields. Finally, the lakes and rivers of Italy are increasingly important for tourism.

The main lakes of Italy

You should know that most of the Italian lakes are located in the pre-alps area but also in central and southern Italy. The region where there are most lakes in Italy is Lombardy where there are four of the most important Italian lakes. In fact in this area there is the Lake Garda which is also the largest in Italy.

Brescia tourism

This is one of the main Italian tourist destinations and every year the wonderful countries on its shores are filled with visitors from all over the world. There are three regions involved: Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige. Another important Italian tourist destination, the third by extension of the peninsula, is Lake Como. Its magnificent landscape is characterized by the fusion of Mediterranean nature and a prealpine environment.

Another particularly suggestive lake is Lake Maggiore, the second in Italy by extension. Here you can also find the wonderful Borromean Islands. But that’s not all. In fact, you should know that even in central Italy there is a lake among the most important in Italy. It is the Lake Trasimeno that is located in Umbria. Inside there is the main island that is inhabited.  

Rivers of Italy: here are the longest

In Italy there are many rivers that cross it and here are the longest. The first is the Po , which with its 652 is among the longest in Europe. was born in the Monviso Mountains to end with a large river delta in the Adriatic Sea.


In its path it passes through important Italian cities such as Turin, Pavia, Piacenza and Cremona. You should know that this is the only navigable river in Italy and it is the one with the greatest water capacity. The second in length is the river Adige which has its source in the Alps and always ends in the Adriatic Sea north of the Po delta.

Pescare in trentino

The regions affected by its passage are Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige. In third place of the classic rivers with a greater length of the Italian peninsula is the Tiber. It was born in the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines and has a length of 405 kilometers to end in the Tyrrhenian Sea.During its journey it receives water from important tributaries that allow it to be the second Italian river by water flow. Another important river is the Adda that flows into the Po and is 313 kilometers long. 

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