Portofino: the most exclusive seaside village in Italy

Portofino, a beautiful seaside village built around a bay, is a place with a particular charm as well as being a very popular destination for VIPs and those who want to have the top from their vacation.

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And what could be better than spending a few days in luxury, surrounded by a clear sea and lush nature, discovering the most hidden corners, shopping in the boutiques of the big names and being pampered in the most exclusive facilities of the place?

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The Ligurian tourist resort is among the most famous in the world and every year attracts thousands of travelers from all over, ready to give themselves the deserved rest.

Portofino and its historical and natural beauties

The origins of the village are very ancient and even today in the central part of the village are clearly visible the Roman signs of what was once called Portus Delphini. Very famous is the piazzetta type, restaurants and ice cream shops, but there are so many historical wonders to see in this place starting from the Church of San Martino.

Portofino Centro
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Suggestive is also the Church of San Giorgio that rises on the cliff and the Castle Brown, some of which are still well preserved and visible.

One of the things not to be missed at Portofino is definitely the pedestrian promenade, which goes up from the square to the castle until you get to the lighthouse from which you can enjoy a unique view of the bay and still the wonderful Natural Park with its 80 Km of paths and sites of great historical and cultural interest.

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Nearby there are other interesting places to discover, including Rapallo, Santa Margherita Ligure and Camogli. At about 70 Km there are also the wonderful Cinque Terre, which is worth visiting at least once in your life.

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A luxury stay in the most elegant facilities of Portofino

In the Ligurian town the hotels are very elegant and offer all the most exclusive services. Many of them are located inside ancient buildings to make your stay even more magical and unforgettable.

Portofino dove alloggiare
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There is no shortage 5-star hotels with access to the private beach, lounge bar with sea view, swimming pool, satellite tv, fully equipped gym and spa and some of them are also pet friendly. To find something less expensive, however, it is preferable to stop in other places not far away.

Portofino: a dip in the beautiful waters of the Riviera di Levante

The wonderful Portofino boasts a sea with crystal clear waters, although the beaches are not very large. Mostly there are rocky coves from which to dive to enjoy an unforgettable swim.

Portofino Baia Cannone
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However you can find small sandy spots, where you can sunbathe and also bring children, such as the beaches of Baia di Cannone and Baia del Silenzio. There are bathing establishments, in fact, one is present in the beach of Paraggi ideal for those who love diving.

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Here you can find cabins, umbrellas and inflatable games in the water to entertain even the little ones. And for the bravest, you can not miss a coasteering experience along the coast between Paraggi and Portofino, where you can dive, climb along the rocks and swim in the beautiful sea.

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Even a short tour in Kayak can be a ‘great alternative to admire the beauty of the place along the village, inside the park and the marine reserve or have fun learning the basics of paddle board (a variant of surfing) to discover unspoiled and wonderful places.

Portofino: a gastronomic tour among the delicacies of the place

During a holiday in this pearl of the Mediterranean, you certainly can not give up the taste of the famous pesto Genoese prepared with basil, pine nuts, garlic, pecorino and parmesan and extra virgin olive oil.

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Delicious are also anchovies with potatoes, pasta with squid and carrot cake, all recipes defined by the Portofino Park and the Bunettu de laete, ie, a dessert spoon to be enjoyed alone or with whipped cream or fresh fruit.


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