The Grand New Year 2017 Concert in the Academy Theatre in Conegliano

Here is what to do at New Year’s Eve in Italy with your family

Are you looking for something to do on New Year’s Eve in Italy? In this article I suggest one of the solutions that is adopted by many Italian families. This is the Grand New Year Concert held at the Teatro Accademia in Conegliano. Here you can celebrate the arrival of the new year with your loved ones by attending the concert of the Kiev radio television orchestra conducted by Maestro Maffeo Scarpis.

The event

The New Year concert has a long tradition. The first one in history was held in Vienna in the gilded hall of the Musikverein theater by initiative of Master Clemens Krauss. Tradition has it that the conclusion consists in the execution of two unscheduled pieces. Maestro Maffeo Scarpis intends to maintain the tradition of the original New Year’s concert by taking the spectator by hand throughout the performance through amusing anecdotes and precious historical notes.

The event takes place on Sunday, December 31st at 10 p.m. in the hall of the Teatro Accademia di Conegliano. The first song that is played as usual by the orchestra is the national anthem. At midnight the concert is interrupted and there is a toast between the audience and the orchestra. This then proceeds with the execution of the final piece. At the end a refreshment is served with the inevitable toast in the hall of the theater. It will represent a great way to say “hello” to the New Year from the Italian soil.

Tickets for the New Year’s Grand Concert can be purchased in advance at the Jungle Records store in Conegliano or for all Italian families through the sales and online presales channels at

The cost of the ticket varies depending on the position you choose. As for the front row seats the price is € 40 adults and € 35 for reduced and children under 18. In the Gallery they cost € 35 and € 30 respectively. While for the Loggia the price is € 30 and € 25. To these costs it is necessary to add pre-sales rights provided by the organization.

How to get there and where to stay

Consider this: Conegliano is located in Veneto, in the province of Treviso, on the border with Friuli Venezia Giulia. To reach there you can use three means of transport:

  • car
  • train
  • airplane.

By car it is reachable from the main Italian cities along the A27 and A28 motorways. The train station is on the Venezia Udine line. The nearest airport is Treviso. From here, shuttle bus or taxi connections are available.

As for the overnight stay, the Hotel Città di Conegliano is located in the historic center. The average price for a double room is 70 €. Alternatively, I suggest you book at the B & B Delle Rose which is located near the train station. The cost of a double is around 65 €.

Think about it for a moment: this is just what you were looking for! Now what are you waiting for? Book the trip and the ticket for the New Year’s Concert in Conegliano along with many other Italian families. Now you know what to do in Italy on New Year’s Eve. You just have to pack your bags.

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