Suber Design, cork’s second life

Here are the designer furniture made with recycled cork

For some years Italy has been a leader in the design field thanks to the work of companies that have as aim the innovation and the use of new recycled materials. One of these realities is Suber Design born from the encounter between environmental sensitivity and design, which is increasingly important in our country.

The goal is to give a second life to cork stoppers transforming them into unique furniture objects. These are exclusive products handmade by Italian artisans. Here you can find out what Suber Design is and what its history is. Lastly, you can find out which are the furniture objects that are made with these recycled materials.

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Suber Design: what is it?

Suber Design is a company founded by Amorim Cork Italia, that believes and has been investing for years in the circular economy. The grain of used corks collected by non-profit organizations is transformed into new products that are then used in the creation of design objects. Cork is in fact one of the natural materials that best represents the concept of circular economy. 

Thanks to the union with the architect Jari Franceschetti was born the Suber line that includes coffee tables, umbrella stands, seats, hangers, lighting systems and other products with a unique style.

These creations want to be sustainable for the environment and the market that is increasingly demanding in these aspects. The collection enhances the aesthetic quality of cork that fits perfectly with any type of environment.

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The history and the project of Suber Design

Suber Design was founded in 2019 by two architects Jari Franceschetti and Manuel Cason who created an eco-sustainable design project. The main strength was to recognize the potential of this particular material that is cork.

The union with Amorim Cork Italia made it possible to realize these objects. It was founded in 1999 and provides the final, top, part for the bottles of the main Italian wineries.

From the factory in Conegliano, on the hills of Treviso, are produced corks tailored to the wines that will then protect. It is also a virtuous Italian example of circular economy. Through the project “Etico” are involved charities from all over Italy for the collection of corks. The name chosen for this project comes from the scientific name of the cork plant.

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Suber Design: the objects and the philosophy of the project

The recovery of cork caps allows to reuse this incredible material to create different types of objects. Among the most interesting are the lamps and other lighting solutions.

Certainly, among the most appreciated by customers are the tables and stools made of cork. These have different textures that can be natural, colourful or animalier

Very interesting the wine buckets and hangers. Suber Design also realizes umbrella holder made of cork. These are modern artifacts with a unique style that combines cork with other materials such as glass and steel.

All this comes from the awareness that in the future raw materials are destined to be scarce and for this reason Suber Design has decided to recover the material. Cork is a material in line with the growing ecological awareness of today’s society. Cork is natural, recyclable and reusable and does not involve any waste. The artisans who collaborate with Suber Design give corks a second life transforming them into furnishing objects with a high social content.

In this way they create unique products that make the environments where they are placed more beautiful.

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