Milo Manara exhibition at Palazzo Pallavicini

Palazzo Pallavicini in Bologna inaugurates the eagerly awaited opening with a retrospective dedicated to Milo Manara, one of the most famous and worldwide renowned  Italian artists.

Following a careful restoration, the historic Palazzo Pallavicini has finally opened its doors to the public, choosing for its first exhibition a strong name on the artistic scene and an Italian excellence: Milo Manara.

The eighteenth-century residence, located right in the heart of the city of Bologna, will host the temporary exhibition “Nel segno di Manara. Antologica di Milo Manara “, organized by Claudio Curcio, until January 21st 2018.

Thanks to the 130 works on display, you will have the opportunity to retrace the entire artistic journey and the creative process that has brought Manara to the fame he enjoys today.

An ascending path that touches the highlights of the artist’s career, from the famous cartoons to the significant collaborations with cinema legends. In this extraordinary journey we will remember, in fact, the friendship with Federico Fellini, but also with foreign excellences such as Jodorowsky, Hugo Pratt and Almodóvar.

The organizer Claudio Curcio has chosen to divide the extensive retrospective of the artist into seven different sections, to facilitate the visitors route. We move with extreme elegance from the production of comics to work for the press, for advertising and for the cinema, a sector that has allowed Manara recognition by the general public.

From the early works dating back to the eighties to the recent illustrations for HIM, the famous French magazine, Manara tells a story in Italy in an unprecedented visual anthology.

An unprecedented exhibition in a special location

As we said, the Manara exhibition at Palazzo Pallavicini is one of the best things to do in Italy during this period. Retracing the entire artistic career of Manara in one of the most beautiful cities of our country is the dream of many.

With an all-ascending artistic career, Manara is in fact the greatest cartoonist of our day. He is an artist who has revolutionized the history of graphic art and in particular of comics, due to a modern approach and thanks to an extremely unique trait.

But how did he achieve such a great success?

Manara: The beginning of the great artistic genius

It will seem strange given his exceptional fame, but Milo Manara approached the world of comics quite late in life, after a long period dedicated exclusively to painting.

This radical change is due to the heated controversy that struck Italy in the 60s and 70s. At that time, in fact, there was a debate about the commoditization of art and, consequently, of its sale.

Wanting to distance himself from this way of thinking about art, typical of the bourgeois social class, Manara decided to abandon painting to embrace a new, more “popular” artistic expression: comics.

His debut in this new field occurred in 1969, when he proposed a series of erotic-police stories for the Genius series, the same that in those years also produced Diabolik.

Stories full of intrigue and passion, extremely noir, that allowed him to achieve success within a very short time. Exalted for being a transgressive character, but at the same time capable of balancing a classic style, Manara is one of the greatest prides of our nation.

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