The Milan International Furniture Fair

Spring has arrived and April is just around the corner, and just as it does every other year, Milan is about to open its streets to an extremely important event in its field, the most important fair that there is for designers and in general for workers in the home furnishing sector. We are obviously talking about the Salone del Mobile, an event that has been held yearly in the Italian design capital since 1961. Since then, it has always been a step ahead in exhibiting the most original and futuristic modern prototypes of the moment, including state of the art technology and cutting edge ideas, taking advantage of the collaboration of the world’s best designers. There are more than 300 companies who participate in the year’s most exciting design and furnishing event that cannot be missed.  Italian Traditions wants to introduce you to some of the best and most innovative companies Made in Italy in the sector. Let’s take a look!

Dorelan: Dorelan is one of the best-known Italian companies specializing in the bedding sector, which has produced exclusive collections of mattresses, beds, pillows and furniture for the bedroom designed to ensure maximum comfort and a good rest for the whole family since 1968. Carefully selected raw materials, cutting-edge technological solutions, products that are certified by the most important international associations in the field from guarantee certifications at every phase of production – all make up the best resources used by Dorelan, for whom quality comes before anything else. (Via Due Ponti 9, Roncadello (FC), Tel. 0543 1917400).

Beby Group: President and creator of the menegerail project that transformed an initially local reality into a modern industrial power, Massio Soffiato started to work in the family business that produced luxury chandeliers where he got direct experience in the various stages of production. Here, Massiamo was able to learn about the different techniques of glass processing and metal welding while considering every object not only as just a simple piece to be sold, but as a genuine creation. Today, Beby is one of the best-known brands in the industry at an international level, a company that is noted for not focusing its resources in mass production, but instead on the product itself, the craft and art and attributes such as excellent quality and prestige, which are the heart and soul of the creations in the luxury goods market. (Via Mussa 16, Piombino Dese (PD), Tel. 049 9366922).

De Majo: De Majo was established after the war by Guide de Majo, who moved from his native Naples to the Venetian Lagoon, founding the first glass furnace in Murano in 1947. Thanks to a scrupulous business strategy and to constant attention to the quality of production, the company was an instant success, a protagonist of the Murano glass reality, home to hand blown glass, which quickly became a real industrial success. The traditional production of Venetian chandeliers have always supported the ongoing search for new forms of expression, which draw from the immense Italian heritage. Their chandeliers are a real exemplary of style that enrich the expressive language of glass art, highlighting all of the possible shades of the ancient and fascinating art. (Via G. Galilei 34, Mirano (VE),  Tel. 041 57 29 653).

De Padova: Ambitious entrepreneurs from a very young age, Fernando and Maddalena De Padova opened their own business importing Scandinavian furniture and objects that are sold in the showroom in via Montenapoleone in Milan, bringing Northern European design to the Belpaese for the first time. In the 1960s the company also started a long and fruitful collaboration with the American company Herman Miller, obtaining a license to Make their products in Italy. In the coming decades good taste and professionalism allowed them to make significant steps in the furniture industry, and at the end of the 90s they inaugurated a series of world-class partnerships including one with Renzo Piano, furnishing the cafeteria of the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, the Morgan Libriary restaurant in New York and the headquarters in the newspaper Sole 24 ore in Milan. Today De Padova remains faithful to the values that have always helped inspire its path to success, making it one of the most dynamic and competitive companies in the design and luxury furnishing sector. (Via Santa Cecilia 7, Milano (MI), Tel. 02 777201).

Decora Italia Srl: An Italian company, leader in the luxury furniture industry, which today more than ever is synonymous with prestige and professionalism. A company that combines the many years of craft experience, profound passion for research, innovation, elegance and the pleasure of furnishing. Starting from the initial projection there is great attention to the modern spaces and their functions, without forgetting the great tradition of artisanship. From these values arise multiple and versatile proposals– from covering walls with paneling to the production of doors, walk-in closets that make great use of space, through to furnishing accessories designed to five the rooms a unique refines touch. Exclusive creations that present themselves as an expression of class, elegance and great attention to detail with many different finishes and types of upholstery to make your home warm and welcoming. (Via Merle 783, Isola Rizza (VR), Tel. +39 045 6900120).
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