Luxury Shoes, The Made in Italy Product

When we think if Made in Italy, we can’t help but think of Italian craftsmanship. From metals to textiles, from food to leather, from stone to wood, plastic and ceramic, glass and paper, the “artisanal value” of manufacturing is in itself an Italian value. An in-depth knowledge of the traditions and the land, combined with high-quality processing, ensures that the industry will continue to thrive, despite the economic crisis that affects the entire Belpaese. It is this passion and quality in prodcution that a places Italy at the top, expressly in the footwear sector.

Quality, luxury, tradition, but also innovation: the shoe industry is at the top of the Made in Italy phenomenon. In every part of the world, Italian shoes are recognized as the most coveted. According to the data, it is the sector of luxury shoes that spread Made in Italy in the world, recently dominating in China and the United States. A sector that, because of its exclusivity, it has not been particularly affected by the economic crisis. Primary, the Italian footwear industry’s position in the international markets is due to several factors: a strong competitive position, its basis on the superior quality of the product and its ability to innovate in the traditional manufacturing processes, supported by training schools that are technologically and stylistically advanced.

It is not only the largest and most successful fashion brands, but also small designers, small and medium-sized enterprises that manufactures custom-made shoes, where quality is always first. These brands attract millions and millions of people who love to buy shoes and treat themselves with high quality products, regardless of price. Luxury shoes for many, are part of an essential element, that has an elegant and refined style, ideal for all occasions.

The interest of buyers is focused on quality (materials, comfort, durability), the craft features, finishes and design. But today, more than ever, there is greater attention to issues such as sustainability and environmental ethics. Gucci, Prada, Ferragamo, Dolce & Gabbana, Loriblu, Tod’s, but also Santoni, Zanotti, Fratelli Rossetti, Serafini, are just a few of the many Made in Italy brands of excellence and the world, which “build” shoes and work leather with a passion and uniqueness that distinguish the Italian artisanal mastery.

Italian handmade luxury shoes reign in the shoe industry and more generally in the fashion and design industries. But at the same time this precious heritage of knowledge, tradition, economy and innovation is exposed to risks of various kinds. In addition to counterfeit goods, there is always the risk that where there is written “Made in Italy” there is a hidden reality in companies that have moved up established abroad. In this regard, the law 166 of 2009 imposes strict criteria and is very rigorous on this issue. The Made in Italy brand can be used only and exclusively if the products are entirely made in Italy and nowhere else.

Get far with Italian style. Luxury at your feet, for who isn’t ever willing to give up class. Walk with us towards the discovery of the IT5 of the week.
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