How’s life on board of cruise ships?

Have you ever wondered how’s life on board of cruise ships? Apart for those who have already had a similar experience, the idea of ​​what’s inside a cruise ship is the result of the vision of commercials, or the reading of catalogs and brochures. Since the day is long, we naturally come to ask ourselves, how’s time generally spent during navigation. Here’s a guide that explains to the future cruise ship passengers pleasures and curiosities of life on board.

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Cruise ships have all you need for an unforgettable holiday: wide and cozy cabins, entertainers always ready to involve the passengers with their games and evening shows, auctions to buy works of art, shops selling a bit of everything, gyms, saunas, spas, swimming pools, theaters, bars, 24/7 food and even exercise and cooking classes.

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All cabins have private facilities, such as satellite television, air conditioning, safe-box and phone for international calls. The selection ranges between the interior cabins, smaller and essential, and the external cabins, that are wider and overlook the sea. Obviously, prices depend on the size and comfort of the accomodation.


These giants on the sea have on board large spas where to relax with the oriental perfumes treatments, sports massages, physiotherapy massages, saunas, turkish baths, tanning lamps. There are also many restaurants offering different specialties, from refined foods to enjoy in luxurious restaurants, to rich buffets. Moreover, on some ships, in addition to the fitness centers, there are also outdoor jogging tracks, and basketball, tennis and volleyball courts.


How’s life on board of cruise ships: a typical day

Life aboard a cruise ship begins at 7am with an inviting, rich breakfast: freshly baked croissants, bread, pastries, milk, tea, coffee, eggs, bacon, cured meats, cheeses and so on and so forth. The pastry chefs and cooks on board work all night to prepare delicious dishes from the earliest hours of the morning. Lunch can be eaten in the rich buffet or in restaurants with table service.

Since the ship is a sort of mini-city, shopping is another leisure that can be experienced on board: duty free, jewelry stores, perfumeries, clothes and souvenir shops, are just few of the possible boutiques where you may spend most of your time and money! Forthose who love relaxing activities, there are libraries with reading rooms, some of them open 24/7. However, for much more animated nights there are discos, theaters, casinos and live music bars.

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For those who would rather visit a city without local guides or organized excursions, the travel agencies onboard have all necessary information you may need to discover the destinations yourself. You can also rely on specialized travel agencies which are located at each landing pier. Well, when someone asks “how’s life on board of cruise ships?” the only answer possible is: amazing!

If you are fascinated by the services and experiences that cruise ships can offer you, there’s nothing else left to do than just book your next trip: in Italy, of course!
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