The flavour of coffee from the Lavazza museum in Turin

An emotional and sensory journey into the world of coffee

In Italy there are many companies that have made the history of the country thanks to their work. They have become the symbol of the city they come from. Their importance is celebrated through the creation of museums and exhibition spaces dedicated to their history. One of these is the Lavazza museum in Turin. Italian Traditions will guide you on the discovery of this place that allows the visitor to experience an emotional and sensory journey in the culture of coffee. It also allows you to rediscover the history of this Italian company known and appreciated all over the world.

Lavazza Lavazza  Museum?


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It is a museum that was opened in the Piedmontese city of Turin on 8th June 2018.

This innovative museum was designed by the international Ralph Appelbaum studio and situated next to the Lavazza historical archive where the history of this important Italian company is kept. Here Lavazza’s 120-year history is told through more than 8500 documents, stories and images. The museum is part of the Museimpresa national association. The exhibition itinerary is developed through 5 galleries distinguished by a specific theme and appearance.

The areas of the museum


The Lavazza museum in Turin traces the history of the company through a circular itinerary. The entire coffee production chain has been rebuilt here. The route is led by the first intelligent coffee cup that is delivered to every visitor at the entrance. This gives the possibility, to activate multimedia contents and installations during the visit, by positioning it on the interactive displays in the museum.

The exhibition is divided into five different thematic areas. These are:

  • Lavazza House
  • The Factory
  • the Square
  • the Atelier
  • the Universe.
  1. The first is an intimate and homelike space within which the 120 years are retraced through an illustrated timeline. This begins with the first promissory-note signed by Luigi Lavazza to open the grocery store in the center of Turin from where it all started. The factory takes the visitor to the discovery of all aspects of production illustrating the various stages of coffee processing.
  2. The third section recalls the ritual of coffee and is the reconstruction of a typical Italian square of the ’70s. Here is the historic van-bar used for tasting and selling Lavazza Coffee in the squares and streets of Italy. With a leap from past to future, alongside this precursor of street-food we find the ISS-presso, the first capsule espresso machine designed for space. The Atelier section covers the 60 years of Lavazza’s creative works in terms of innovative design and advertising.
  3. The last section is a dream space where there is a multimedia projection that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the Lavazza world using the smart cup. It all ends with a tasting experience of special coffee blends and food samples where, of course, coffee is always present. Everything is organized by the Lavazza training Center. Finally there is the store where you can buy items and gadgets that tell the story of the company.

How to reach and visit the museum

The Lavazza museum in Turin can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. The last access allowed is at 5.30 pm. The admission ticket can be purchased online or even at the ticket office, for individual visitors. The price is 10 euros for the whole ticket and 8 for the reduced ticket.

The Museum is located inside the city centre, so very well served by public transport for those arriving by train or plane and, of course, easily accessible by car.

There are many companies in Italy that have distinguished themselves all over the world and have made the history of the country. If you want to find other companies that are fundamental for Italy, we recommend reading this article too. Now that you know the Lavazza museum in Turin, you just have to organize your visit.

Main Image Credits: Guida Torino
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