The way of the gods: walking from Bologna to Florence

Autumn is the ideal month to make excursions to discover the beauty of Italy along ancient paths such as the way of the gods that connects the cities of Bologna and Florence and like many others throughout the peninsula.


This suggestive path winds through the‘Appennino , and unites these two important Italian realities. Here you can find out in detail what this journey consists of and get to know the various stages that you have to face to reach your destination. Finally you will discover what you can see during your trek on the way of the gods.

What is the way of the gods?

The way of the gods is a hiking trail that originated in the 80s by some hikers from Bologna who decided to follow the ancient route used once by the Etruscans and Romans to develop their business. Starting from Piazza Maggiore, in the historic center of Bologna is reached after 130 kilometers Piazza della Signoria in Florence crossing the Apennines.


But that’s not all, in fact you have to know that this street is so called because of the name of the places and mountains that you cross along the way. These are places that have the name of ancient gods. Without a doubt this is among the most beautiful walks to do in Italy with your backpack. Although it may seem less demanding than others, this excursion requires caution and preparation.

The steps of the path of the gods

If you intend to take the Via degli Dei from Bologna to Florence, it is necessary to plan with precision the stages you intend to make. You should know that this path is covered in a time that varies from 4 days, for more trained hikers, up to 6. So you need to prepare yourself with great care so as not to find yourself in difficulty during the journey. The via degli has as starting point Piazza Maggiore in Bologna.


After walking along the longest porch in the world that leads to the Sanctuary of San Luca continue through wooded forests until you reach the village of Casalecchio di Reno. Once here you continue the path towards Sasso Marconi until you reach the naturalistic oasis of San Gherardo. After leaving this place you will reach the destination of the first stage at Badolo. The next day another 30 kilometers of walking through the paths of the Apennines to reach Madonna dei Fornelli.

On the third day the stage ends at Passo Futa after about 17 kilometers. After you have rested, continue on the path of the gods until you reach the next stop at San Pietro a Sieve. The fifth day you start from the historic center of this town to reach the Vetta le Croci. From this vantage point you can admire both Fiesole and the city of Florence. This will be the destination of your journey that ends in Piazza della Signoria.

Way of the gods: here’s what to see

Now that you know the various stages planned to complete the trekking on the way of the gods, you just have to find out what you can see during your trip to discover this area of Italy. You should know that one of the main attractions are the two cities starting and finishing points that are among the most important in Italy. The Piazza Maggiore in Bologna hosts some of the most important symbols of the Emilian city.


Another unmissable attraction are the arcades of San Luca that lead to the sanctuary. The same happens on arrival in Florence in Piazza della Signoria one of the most beautiful in the world. But it is not all in fact the walk on the way of the gods will also allow you to admire the nature of the Apennines that divide these two Italian regions. Finally you can walk along the ancient Flaminia military road built by the Roman legions. 

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