Intatto Agrigourmet: the recovery of a wasteland

Agrigourmet Intatto was born as an agritourism from the tiring but enthusiastic recovery of a great wasteland, an expanse of brambles with fruit trees and small grassy stretches where were then implanted the main crops, before the olive grove consisting of 120 plants of Razzola, Ligurian cultivars and later the vineyard, consisting of 300 plants divided mainly between Grenache and Syrah, and the vegetable garden. To buy a piece of land where to build a house and devote himself to agriculture is the idea that gave the impetus to the birth of this little place where refinement, excellence and wonder landscaping reign supreme. The need to enhance the agritourism, but especially the local area, offering something different to attract attention to a rather isolated and disadvantaged area, has led to the opening of the country, designed as a luxury mason dedicated exclusively to restaurants. From the skill and artistry of the chef Cosimo are born the traditional dishes of Liguria and La Spezia that blend harmoniously the simplicity and authenticity of raw materials produced at km 0 with experimentation and attention to detail that characterizes the haute cuisine. innovative dishes, traditional and a selection of vegetarian dishes, from appetizers to desserts, will delight your taste! Among the tasty and special dishes that Agrigourmet Intatto offers its customers deserves an special mention two dishes that enrich the winter menu, such as the cinghiale on the rocks, a wild boar served over polenta reminiscent of a rock, enriched with a rosehip sauce and U Turùn, a dish that condenses the simplicity of a few ingredients (eggs, honey and hazelnuts) with an in-depth historical research and that perfectly sums up the approach of the Agrigourmet’s kitchen, a cuisine that, while maintaining great respect for tradition, innovatse in methods and forms.

Cosimo with this dish has had the honor to participate in the contest San Pellegrino Young Chef 2015, ranking among the 10 Italian semifinalists from over 3000 participants! Refinement, quality and customer focus are the ingredients that make Agrigourmet Intatto a little gem that is really worth visiting!
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