Kartell SpA: luxury design made in Italy

A leader company in design, founded in 1949 by Giulio Castelli and today chaired by Claudio Luti, Kartell is a symbol of the Companies projects Made in Italy.

A success story told through an impressive array of products – furniture, home accessories, lighting, home accessories – have now become part of the domestic landscape, if not true icons of contemporary design. Kartell collaborates with the most prestigious international designers. Kartell collection is multipurpose and transversal, easy to use and an undeniable visual appeal. Color, ironically, for the senses, transparency effects and unique shapes for unique items: Kartell product is instantly recognizable around the world for the emotion that gives, its durable functionality and undisputed quality. The continuing evolution in the use of plastic materials and the testing of new technologies and processes are fundamental for Kartell, always stretched to innovation and as regards the functional performance both the aesthetic quality of a product. Thanks to this ongoing research has been possible to introduce unprecedented properties in plastics such as glazing, transparency, flexibility, weather resistance, softness and touch, amazing colors and speciali. La Kartell plastic, as well as being practical and functional , it is sensual and precious and radically transforms the perceived product at this from a purely functional object materials in real luxury item. The know-how of Kartell consists of pushing the innovation always to extremes by allowing designers to express their creativity with new technologies and materials to create real “industrial revolution” in our domestic landscape. The distribution for Kartell is a crucial link between the brand and the global public. Over the past 15 years Kartell has focused on an energetic retail program tied to the concept of single-brand, in order to give visibility and recognition to the brand using consistent parameters and consistent with the product strategy. 

Kartell strategy is also increasingly turning to multi-channels to cover the international market in an increasingly homogeneous.
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