Naples en triomphe, au début des cortèges de Pulcinella

The fans of Naples Calcio and the whole city are celebrating. The third Scudetto of the SSC Calcio Napoli has arrived and has overwhelmed the city that has been waiting for this joy for 33 years. A blue riot has paved the streets of the capital and the festivities are equal to expectations. 

The Napoli players, led by coach Luciano Spalletti, have created an incredible season and have climbed the ranking with an unstoppable progrssione day after day.  

To give the Scudetto to the fans of the team and the city of Naples. 

This title of champions of Italy is the first of the management of Aurelio de Laurentiis who brought back the clock at the time of the Naples of Maradona and Ferlaino. And she arrives five days before the end of the championship, with an unbridgeable advantage for the pursuers. 

If ‘last title had arrived with Maradona on the field today are Victor Osimhen and Khvicha Kvaratskhelia to excite all of Naples: Naples won the Scudetto and parades of Pulcinella accompany him.


What are Pulcinella parades? 

The Pulcinella parades represent one of the most representative traditions of Naples and have accompanied the city since the 18th century. They have become a form of cultural and popular expression. 

In fact, there is no specific tradition of Pulcinella parades on the occasion of the victory of the Scudetto. However, this event adapts to the celebration of important sporting victories, including the Scudetto. 

In particular, after winning the first Scudetto of Naples in 1987, a large crowd of fans poured into the historic center to celebrate the success of their team. Among the initiatives that animated the event did not miss the show of the pulcinella mask with all that it represents.


The same festive air and the masks of Pulcinella (together with other figures typical of popular culture) invaded the city also in 2017, that is on the occasion of the celebration for the anniversary of Naples. 

Basically the fans of Naples have dressed up with the colors of the team, and equipped with flags, banners drums have peacefully invaded the city singing Neapolitan songs and dancing heading towards the stadium Diego Armando Maradona. 

Where does the tradition of the Pulcinella parades come from? The name of these parades is linked to the character of the Neapolitan comedy of art known especially for his wit, his cheerfulness and his ability to improvise. 

In fact, in addition to wearing blue, fans will wear the white and black mask of Pulcinella to recall the soul of Naples. 

The love for the team, the desire to encourage the players and the enthusiasm for the historic moment have created an extended party for the whole city. 

In short, the race of Naples towards the Scudetto has become a great opportunity for the city to celebrate its passion and its pride.


Why the Pulcinella mask?

Pulcinella is an iconic figure of Neapolitan culture, representing the essence of the city and its inhabitants. This character with his black and white mask is a symbol of Naples and its culture. 

Born from the comedy of Italian art, Pulcinella represents the irony, wit, liveliness and improvisation typical of the Neapolitan people. The character is often portrayed with a beaked nose, with this mask shows his cunning and his ability to argue quickly.


The figure of Pulcinella is loved and respected by the Neapolitans, who consider it a sort of mascot of the city. It is no coincidence that the character has become a symbol of Neapolitan popular culture and is often used to represent the city on many occasions including various public events. 

Last but not least, Pulcinella also symbolizes community and solidarity: its black and white mask represents the union of people, regardless of their social class. This is exactly what happens to fans when they watch a Napoli match, when they mourn defeat or celebrate victory, as well as the essence of the Pulcinella parades.

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