Gardaland, le premier parc d’attractions en Italie

It was 1975 when Gardaland opened its doors for the first time. This was the first amusement park in Italy, located close to Lake Garda.

Gardaland, a success story

How was Gardaland? Thanks to the merchant Livio Furini who was delighted by his visit to Disneyland, California, and decided that Italy deserved a similar place. So, he founded a company with his friend Flavio Zaninelli and, along with others, they gave life to the first theme park in Italy.


The success was immediate: people had never lived a similar experience so that, in the first year alone, the park welcomed about 40 thousand visitors. At the time, the attractions were few and the shows were simple and happened every day at the same time.
Over the years the park has changed a lot, adding amazing and adventurous attractions.

Gardaland, the changes over the years

Gardaland has always shown great dedication to its audience, so every season has seen the inclusion of some novelties. Let’s see what have been, over the years, the most important new entry .


The first great attractions

In 1987 there is the inauguration of the « Valle dei Re« : this is the first major thematic attraction of the park, partially underground and with incredibly realistic scenery.

In 1992 Gardaland presents « I Corsari« , until then the most majestic work realized in a theme park. In fact this saw the collaboration of 30 companies, Italian and American, the use of 60 billion lire and 3 years of work.

In 1998 the amusement park presents 3 new attractions: Space Vertigo, Jungle Rapids and Blue Tornado. The latter allows you to live the adrenaline experience of the inverter coaster at very high speed: the perfect adventure for the bravest!


New millennium, new attractions: Gardaland always in step with the times

The best aspect of the Venetian park is perhaps this: there is no room for monotony and there are always many novelties ready to surprise visitors to the park.
At the beginning of the new millennium the park presents Fantasy Kingdom, 12 thousand square meters dedicated to the smallest. A fairy-tale world made of huge animals, life-size houses and the Tree of Parsley. Both in terms of extension and scenography, Fantasy Kingdom is one of the most important works of the park in the last twenty years.

We are still in 2001 when the park starts two traditions that continue to this day: Magic Halloween and Magic Winter, with unique events dedicated to Halloween and Christmas.

In 2003 another impressive attraction amazes amusement park lovers: Escape from Atlantis, an area of about 10 thousand square meters with more than 100 sculptures, ruins, sea caves and much more.


The attractions of recent years in Gardaland

Two spectacular new attractions have recently been inaugurated. In June 2021, the Legoland Water Park, the new water park dedicated to families with children, opened its doors. Water games, slides and relaxation areas: fun is guaranteed!

Corriere Veneto

And a few months ago, the park amazed all its visitors with the Jumanji-themed novelty.
The Jumanji attraction lets you live an adventure set in the jungle where, aboard your vehicle, you’ll have to escape all the dangers to save Jumanji. By the way, it is the first attraction in the world themed Jumanji: a great record for Gardaland!

Il serenissimo veneto

Sleeping in Gardaland with the whole family

Sleeping in the park is one of the best choices you can make to enjoy the fun to the fullest! And, by the way, you can choose between three different structures. First of all, the Gardaland Hotel: with 247 rooms, 36 of which are themed, a huge garden and the iconic statue of Prezzemolo, is a true symbol of the amusement park.


The park dedicates a receptive structure to lovers of adventure with its Adventure Hotel: 100 rooms divided into 4 different environments for a unique stay! And finally, magic enthusiasts will be welcome at the Magic Hotel, where they will be greeted by magical creatures and can stay in wonderful themed rooms. Now is the time to book your stay in Gardaland taking advantage of the fantastic offers always proposed by the park: have fun!

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