Footwear, A Long Tradition Made in Italy


From fabrics to metals, from food to leather, from wood to stone, from ceramics to glass: the value of artisanal craftsmanship is very Italian! To speak of Made in Italy is to speak of Italian craftsmanship, a sector that, thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the traditions and territory, along with high-quality craftsmanship, continues to enjoy, despite the economic crisis, a wealth which places it as number one in every field. In this week’s Shoe Special, Italian Traditions has made a fascinating excursus on the world of shoes, which equally attract the female and male universes.

Strong competitiveness, innovation in traditional manufacturing processes, quality and competence of the footwear workers, are the elements that over time have determined the number one position of the Italian footwear industry in international markets . With as many as 5,031 companies and 76,610 employees, the Italian footwear industry is undoubtedly one of the pillars of the Fashion System. In every part of the world, in fact, Italian shoes are recognized as the most coveted. According to the data, the leader of products Made in Italy in the world, recently the dominant in China and the United States, is the luxury shoe industry, for many an essential choice in the name of an elegant and refined style, ideal for all occasions. Luxury and high fashion characterize the production of Luciano Fontaneto Suolettificio, a supplier for some of the most successful brands that choose to rely on his experience to produce the most important parts of their shoe collections.

The interest of those who buy it usually focused on quality (materials, comfort, and durability), the craft features, finishes and design, but today there is increased attention to issues such as sustainability and environmental ethics, more than ever. These aspects, which are the basis of the production of special shoes that serve as the vehicle of  thought and as a form of sensitive communication to the environment that surrounds us. This is the case of vegan shoes that are produced without the use of animal derived products and natural materials, as well as using structures that respect the foot lines. These are the basis of footwear companies Bionatura and Oltreluna, the latter specializing in women’s shoes from number 40 up, with the ability to customize your own. Grandi Scarpe has the same mission. It is a brand that gives personalized service to every detail and, above all, tailored – from the number 39 to 51.

The world of footwear in the Belpaese is inextricably linked to the city of Vigevano, which has long been the Italian capital and world of footwear. Its leadership in the sector is quite ancient, emerging significantly and industrially during the twentieth century, when the city had come to produce about 20 million pairs of shoes a year. This tradition is now documented in the International Footwear Museum, the first and only public institution in Italy dedicated to the history and evolution of the shoe understood as a garment and a fashion and design object. Among the many examples and models on display, you can also see the first prototype of stilettos created by shoemakers in Vigevano in the fifties. Not only footwear, but a wide range of products for foot care, leather and footwear characterize the Roman company, Damiani Pellami.

In Italy, the Veneto region also has a long tradition of shoemaking, a tradition enriched by the productive knowledge and skills that allow them to stand out in the industry. In the district of Montebelluna, in fact, we find the shoe factory Schizzo that since 1976, has produced shoes entirely made by hand with high-quality materials and leather, giving life to a very technical and lightweight product, which is of great comfort. Combining the elegance of a shoe with modernity and sophistication. The company is also a leading manufacturer of tango shoes. Unique shoes, born from the base of the original sports shoe, with manufacturing techniques applied to dance shoes.


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