Florandonole Agritourism: relax in Trentino Alto Adige

Known for the beauty of its mountains, Trentino Alto Adige, occupies the northern end of Italy, near the border with Austria and Switzerland. Its territory, rich in picturesque hills, encloses an extraordinary variety of landscapes: forests, broad valleys, majestic peaks, streams, lakes and charming villages from the bell towers and the many shades of the most authentic nature.

In the province of Trento, in the important winter tourist resort of Fai della Paganella, tourists who come to visit in the region can make a stop at Florandonole the Agritourism, situated in open countryside on the outskirts of the Brenta Dolomites. Property of spouses Facci, the agritourism comes from a fortuitous circumstance. In 2002 Andrea changing jobs, and an accountant of a large company what was passing in the same role in a small beekeeping thirty, an experience that rekindles a passion perhaps never expressed, and, after a period of study and training alongside a friend and teacher of all respect, Andrea decides to give life to a agritourism where they can devote their time and energies to this wonderful art.

In 2010 the project was expanded by the construction of a agritourism, a guesthouse with a modern Alpine design produced according to the principles of “casaclima”, with obvious references to the theme of eco; the old larch, fir and pine pervades the rooms with their scents and colors, while the soft, warm fabrics of wool and linen, make the elegant and refined taste. Surrounded by expanses of fields, rolling hills with hazel, juniper, elderberry, the agritourism has six bedrooms, a breakfast room, a small bar and a small shop with products of the agritourism, rooms furnished with extreme care and attention to detail.

In addition to the production of honey, the company’s flagship product, Florandonole specializes in the breeding of snails, in the cultivation of small fruits, corn, potatoes, and as many as 40 varieties of herbs. To guests staying at the agritourism of the family Facci is available to taste delicious Italian breakfast served in your room or outdoors during the summer and full of selected products, such as homemade jams and marmalades, pies, tarts, biscuits, cow’s milk fresh from the cow directly from the nearby stables to the house, but especially the excellent honey produced, products that will make you discover the typical taste of the local tradition. Great attention, then, is reserved to the realization of food suitable for celiac guests.

As a petting zoo, Agritourism Florandonole offers activities related to vegetable garden and guided tours to the laboratory of beekeeping, through which guests can approach the world of bees and honey, experiencing the various steps by which the bees produce honey, stepwise the beekeeper must be done and, finally, the tasting of various honey products, in order to distinguish its features.

The Paganella Plateau offers a varied proposal for everything related to outdoor activities, surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Natural Park Adamello Brenta, but also for enthusiastic skiers, water sports, horseback riding and hiking. There’s something for everyone!

With the desire to offer a viable alternative to the usual hotels and hotels in the area, with the objective of respect for territory, Andrea and Lucia have created a haven where reigns absolute peace and quiet, in short, the ideal place for those who wish break away from the daily grind and fast-paced city, to devote himself to moments of rest, reflection and serenity.
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