Easter Eggs

Every year on the occasion of Easter Day, it is customary in the Belpaese to organize an Easter egg hunt in your backyard. In the afternoon after the famous abundant Sunday lunch, kids have fun going around searching for the chocolate eggs (which have been previously hidden by relatives), collecting them in a basket. The Latin expression Vivum Omne ex ovo, meaning “all living beings are born from an egg”, is the motto that for centuries explained the principle that life could not have originated from nothing.

Even according to some pagan and mythological beliefs, the sky and the planet were both hemispheres who were going to form a single egg, while the Egyptians believed that the egg was the pivot of the universe out of the four elements (water, air, earth and fire). The tradition of the classic chocolate egg is recent, but the gift of real eggs, decorated with all kinds of designs or dedications, is related to the Passover feast celebrated ever since the Middle Ages.

The custom of giving eggs on Easter Day dates back to this period, because for Christians these were the symbol of the Resurrection. Today, eggs are painted in all different colors, but in the past it was customary to use only the color red to symbolize the Passion of Christ. There is also a legend that when Mary Magdalene announced the Resurrection of Christ to the disciples, Peter answered, “I will believe what you say when the eggs in the basket turn red.” And so it happened.

Some documentation that dates back to the ancient Persians, argues that in the early Spring, the Persians used to gift chicken eggs (sometimes decorated by hand) representing the rebirth and, later, in the Christian era, the resurrection. Since the twentieth century, the chocolate egg has become widespread all over the Italian territory. Until a few years ago, the preparation of chocolate eggs was strictly the responsibility of experienced chocolatier craftsmen. Today, due to greater demand from consumers, the production is entrusted to large Italian industries, which putt a small gift inside very large chocolate eggs, and often has specifically themed wrapping, featuring something such as a movie, a cartoon or a football team. Before, the eggs were only made with milk chocolate or dark chocolate, now you can find all kinds of variations and flavors including: chili peppers, with hazelnut, fruit-flavored, soy, and many other variations, so as to meet the tastes of all.

Italian Easter: more than just Easter eggs. Be amazed by the IT5 of the week.
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