Drink to the Made in Italy: the best sparkling wines

Italian sparkling wines are appreciated in Italy but are mainly sold abroad. The Italian bubbles market is in unstoppable growth and is able to record year after year, higher and more promising figures. The reasons are many but of course, the main one, is the high quality of the products and raw materials used, as well as the processing techniques. Italy is second only to France in the world of wine culture, but every year the battle between Champagne and Prosecco, is a fight to the death!

Italian bubbles for a holiday toast: the sparkling wines Made in Italy

Made in Italy sparkling wines are absolutely one of the most appreciated drinks for a party toast. The culture of wine in Italy is absolutely intrinsic with the culture of the people, who absolutely cannot resist the opportunity to celebrate important occasions in the company of a good Wine. At New Year, in particular, there is an impressive request of sparkling wines imported from Italy. The labels on the territory are really endless and go from extremely economical ones, but still very valid, perfect for a low cost celebration, to the most prestigious and vintage ones, certainly expensive but at the same time unique and unforgettable. The choice is yours!

Sparkling wines in numbers…

The numbers that Italian sparkling wines record around the holiday period are absolutely dizzying. The growth of sales, especially abroad, is exponential and increases from year to year. In fact the interest of foreigners keeps growing towards the “real” made in Italy wine. In 2017, an increase in imports of more than + 11% was recorded and Italian wines reached and exceeded sales of French champagnes. 267 million euros are spent every year from Britain to buy sparkling wines produced in Italy, and 217 million in America, where consumption is very high despite the presence on the market of many “fakes” of very low quality.

The best Italian sparkling wines

We cannot make an objective list of those that are the best Italian sparkling wines ever. It is obvious that the quality of the wine depends above all on personal taste and that an impartial ranking cannot be drawn up. Speaking of typologies, we can affirm with certainty that the Prosecco remains the best-selling of all time when it comes to the holidays. Abroad the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG is especially appreciated. In particular, for the holidays dried aromatic wines are loved abroad and a little less in Italy, since the Italians seem to prefer the classic sweet wines. The most popular among the dry wines are Franciacorta and the Trentodoc, but also the Lambrusco, produced further south.

Where to buy Italian sparkling wines?

To buy the best Italian sparkling wines to toast with taste to the new year, we certainly suggest you visit, if you have the opportunity, one of the many wineries present on the Italian territory. Buying sparkling wine and wines directly from a cellar allows you to indulge in guided tastings and to choose without mistakes. This way you can buy prestigious wines, yes they might cost a bit, but you will be sure to buy in perfect agreement with your tastes. Alternatively, we suggest the large chains of high end products present in the largest Italian cities, such as the famous Eataly.

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