Cremona, the home of music and violins

Cremona is a city located in Lombardia and is famous all over the world for the production of violins but not only. If you are looking for what to see and do in Cremona this is definitely the article you were looking for. Here you can discover The Torrazzo and the Vertical museum, two of the main attractions of this Lombard city.

But that’s not all, in fact Cremona is known for the production of Stradivari violins. You can not miss a visit to the violin museum and one of the many workshops in the city. Finally, you can also discover the most interesting museums you can find in this provincial capital as well as in other Italian cities.


What to see in Cremona, the Torrazzo and the Vertical Museum

If you are looking for what to do and see in Cremona you can not start your journey from the symbol of the city, the Torrazzo.This flanks the Duomo in the town square and is the highest bell tower in masonry in Europe. In fact, it reaches a height of 112 meters. Another interesting aspect is the astronomical clock that was installed here in 1583 and still works today with the original mechanism.

Its peculiarity consists in the fact that it is the only one in the world that can indicate the lunar phases with extreme precision. To get to the top of the tower you will have to walk 502 steps. Once at the top you will enjoy a wonderful view of the city. Since 2018, the tower has housed the Torrazzo Vertical Museum. Here the visitor is told the details about the watch. Finally, in the museum there is also an installation of the pendulum of Foucault that scientifically demonstrates the rotation of the earth.

Il Torrazzo del duomo di Cremona diventa un museo «verticale» -

Cremona, that’s why it’s the city of music

Cremona is famous all over the world for the ancient art of the handcrafted production of violins. so if you are looking for a house to see and do in Cremona you can not miss the Violin Museum. Here you can discover all the stages of the ancient craftsmanship of violins. In fact, over 500 years of history of Cremonese violin making are told.

In addition, exhibitions and temporary exhibitions are organized here, not to be missed. Another very interesting activity is the one that consists in the possibility to attend the auditions with historical instruments at theAuditorium Arvedi a short distance from the museum. Finally, a visit to Cremona can only include a stop at one of the luthiers in the city.

Museo del Violino, Cremona, Italia | HiSoUR - Ciao, così sei

Museums to visit in Cremona

But that’s not all, in fact Cremona also offers other interesting cultural entertainment. In the city there are absolutely unmissable museums such as Diocesan. Here the visitor is told the history of art, culture and spirituality of Cremona. Over 120 works of great interest from the parishes and the Cathedral of this Lombard diocese are hosted here. The museum consists of 12 rooms and at the end there is a detailed photographic account of its realization. If you are looking for what to do and see in Cremona there is another museum that you can not miss.

Nell'interrato, Cremona sfoggia i tesori della Diocesi - Giornale dell 'Architettura

It is the Civic Museum Ala Ponzone which is located in the city center within the Palazzo Affaitati dating back to 1500. In the Pinacoteca there are 200 works that tell the period from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. Very interesting is also the music room where there is one of the most important collections of string instruments. Finally, in the city center there is also another interesting museum, the archaeological one. Here excavations have been carried out since 1962 that brought to light the remains of a church, a cemetery and a necropolis of Roman times.

Museo Civico Ala Ponzone - Cremona - Musei in-Lombardia

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