Fernet Branca Menta, the liqueur that is good for the soul

Amateurs of the best liquors currently on the market know that famous Fernet Branca Menta, a fresh variation of the original drink which feature 27 herbs and spices from  four different continents. 

The production of the Fernet Branca dates back to 1845 thanks to the Fratelli Branca Distilleria in Milan, whilst its aromatic mint version started to be sold in 1965 

It is quite interesting to know that the first recipe of the famous liquor dates back to 1842 with the name Fernet Vittone, although the actual liquor gets invented 3 years later by Bernardino Branca in its shop in Milan. 

It appears has also some beneficial properties thanks to the fact that it contains several herbs, as long as it is drunk correctly and responsibly. 

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Fernet Branca Menta: the story of the thousand aroma liqueur

The recipe of the Fernet Branca is still kept by its producers and it is still produced in Milan from which it is then exported all over the globe. Before diving in its mint version, let us see what are the characteristics and variations that make this very dark liqueur so appreciated and loved.

Among the ingredients used are:   

  • rhubarb
  • aloe
  • cinnamon
  • camomile
  • linden
  • zedoaria
  • saffron
  • myrrh

Mixed together in a grape alcohol base. Then there are also several herbs (leaves, roots, stems and flowers) from which you get extracts, decoction a and infusions, then mixed carefully which preserve the beneficial properties that you find the in the final product itself. 

The use of the liquor is appreciated especially after meals, as digestive, but it can also enjoyed near or with ice, especially the Fernet Branca Menta version.

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Fernet Branca Menta: how did the idea of a mint flavored liqueur come about?

Mint flavored Fernet is the perfect drink for hot summer evenings and comes to be in the sixties, a period that brought about many changes, from the economic boom to the quest for new ideas and ways to live, that affected also tastes and flavors. 

So it is in these years that the Branca brothers decide to revamp their liquor production, giving life to a drink that pairs well with any season and that can surprise anyone with just one sip. 

But what are the ingredient that lend such an intense and pleasurable flavor? 

Naturally herbs and spices, to which a very fine peppermint essential oil from Piemonte is to be added giving the liquor that refreshing and natural taste. 

Fernet Branca Menta can be enjoyed in the winter and in the summer and it great as an aperitif drink or in a long evening with friends, where taste and flavour are a must. But the best way to enjoy it is surely by adding two or three ices cubes. 

Often this peppermint liquor is used to create original and fresh cocktails. A good idea is to add some lime, brown sugar and some mint leaves, without ever forgetting some ground ice. 

Fernet Branca: why is it good for your health? 

Although it might sound weird that a liqueur has beneficial properties, Fernet Branca is considered to be a mainly natural drink, thanks to the fact that it contains several herbs all with some beneficial properties. 

To this we should the fact that already in 1865 a newspaper stated that this famous alcoholic drink was particularly helpful for fevers, in addition to being a great toner and helpful against cholera, leading to Fernet itself claiming its own beneficial aspects. 

Furthermore, especially during American Prohibitionist period, thanks to the medicinal claims, it was considered legal to buy or sell being considered an actual medicine. 

But the Branca brothers did not stop to Classic Branca and to the Fernet Branca Menta, for their production brought to the market a wonderful grappa with the brands Candolini and Sansea, in addition to an extra old Brandy featuring the Borghetti Coffee and Sambuca.

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