Ciclovia Linguaglossa – Castiglione di Sicilia between nature and culture 

Slow tourism is more of a genre or a fashion, it’s a way of life. And it allows you to learn about amazing places. In the heart of Sicily, where the green of the vineyards blends with the forms of Etna, there is one of these unique paths: the Ciclovia Linguaglossa – Castiglione di Sicilia – Rovittello. This itinerary is an invitation to discover a land that blends nature and culture.  

We imagine miles and miles of landscapes that seem to be suspended without time and unravel among the scents of volcanic land and the flavors of fine wines. This is what the Ciclovia Linguaglossa – Castiglione di Sicilia – Rovittello offers. 

What does cyclovia mean? 

The cycle route like the Linguaglossa – Castiglione di Sicilia – Rovittello is a road that can be travelled by bike that can be found in urban areas, along the main roads or in rural areas. 

In particular, this cycle path is located in the heart of the northeastern part of Sicily, not far from the Etna Park, and runs along an itinerary of about ten kilometers that develops between Linguaglossa and Rovittello (fraction of Castiglione di Sicilia). 

It is unique and special: the bike path between Linguaglossa and Rovittello was created from the original layout of the Circumetnea line, making it unique and special. 

This route offers an unparalleled experience, allowing you to cycle through the beautiful landscapes characterized by tunnels, bridges, mountains and slopes that connect the municipalities of Linguaglossa and Castiglione di Sicilia.


The Linguaglossa Cycle Route – Castiglione di Sicilia – Rovittello 

The Ciclovia Linguaglossa – Castiglione di Sicilia – Rovittello is dominated by the majesty of Etna and allows you to immerse yourself in the nature and culture of the territory from another perspective. Ideally we divide the cycle path into two parts and deepen the various elements of the route. 

Part 1  

The itinerary begins in Via Territa Bianca in Linguaglossa, a village nestled among the green hills and vineyards that can be visited before leaving on your bike.  

The old railway in Linguaglossa starts with a slight slope, which is also accessible for less experienced cyclists.  

After a short stretch of road, the road gradually narrows, becoming exclusively for bikes and pedestrians. In addition, as you progress, you find yourself in a series of tunnels and bridges that add a touch of suggestion to the experience. 

Just at the exit of one of these tunnels, there is a landslide that, initially, seems to hinder the path. However, with a small detour on a dirt track, you can overcome it and continue. 

At this point, the view embraces the panorama of the Alcantara valley, offering a privileged view of the surrounding environment. After passing the next tunnel, you can enjoy the view of Castiglione di Sicilia. 

If you do not want to turn right and head downhill to Castiglione to visit the village, you can continue on the path along a dirt track that connects to the second part of the bike path. To do this, you need to cross an underpass and exit onto SP7i, where you reconnect to the other part of the route.

File:Pista ciclabile Linguaglossa-Castiglione di Sicilia-Rovittello 18.jpg  - Wikimedia Commons


Part 2 

This part of the route is characterized by a dirt road and offers a less panoramic perspective, but equally fascinating, as it winds through parts of the countryside. 

After a few meters, you have to turn first right and then left to avoid a very rough stretch, before reconnecting to the main route.  

At the end, the track takes a detour, exiting from the original railway track and using a country paved section that leads to the intersection with the SS120. From there you can reach the village of Rovittello on a stretch built in concrete in the municipality of Castiglione. The latter part of the route adds a variety of landscapes, offering an additional dimension to the overall experience.  

What to visit during the tour 

The bike path allows you to immerse yourself in the most wild and authentic of the landscapes near Etna, but also offers the opportunity to explore the villages that you meet along the way. 

The departure from Linguaglossa can be an opportunity to visit the historic center of the village and in particular the Mother Church of San Egidio Abate to observe the mixture of architectural styles. 

The rows of vineyards that extend to the slopes of the volcano characterize an area famous for the production of fine wines. During the tour, you can take short breaks to taste the local wines directly from the cellars, completely immersed in the Sicilian wine culture. 

You can also visit Castiglione di Sicilia, a village known for its medieval Lauria Castle and for the Byzantine rural chapel called “Cuba di Santa Domenica”. You can also get lost in the paved alleys of the historic center, admiring the traditional architecture and the beauty of cultural contamination.

What to eat along the Ciclovia  

The journey to discover the less known and most authentic places of Sicily can be enriched by the culinary experience. Cycling along the cycle path can be an opportunity to enjoy dishes that tell centuries of gastronomic tradition. 

From fragrant arancini to the intense scents of Pasta alla Norma to fresh fish dishes: the dishes and typical products tickle even the most demanding palates. 

The sweet nuances of Sicily are also found in cannoli with their crispness and creamy heart of ricotta or cassata, a riot of flavors. Even the almond paste contains the soul of this land. 

To complete the culinary journey there are also local wines, those produced by native vineyards such as Nerello Cappuccio and Nerello Mascalese for red wines and Catarratto and Carricante for white wines. They manage to accompany every bite, giving a unique experience.


The safety issue 

As you can easily guess from the description of the route, the bike path between Linguaglossa and Rovittello has a number of critical issues that could negatively impact the experience of those who ride this bike path, especially if not experienced.  

Tall grass, no lighting inside the tunnels, instability and unstable terrain and lack of signage are serious shortcomings in the organization of the bike path.  

At the moment the absence of targeted interventions does not guarantee safety for the less experienced and does not make the route more accessible and usable by all cyclists. We therefore recommend the utmost caution to all those who will face this path as magical as unusual.

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