Canale di Tenno, Between lake and mountain

A characteristic medieval village, Canale di Tenno is one of the four villages of Ville del Monte, the most extended hamlet of Tenno, Trento. The name Canale, waterway, seems to derive from the wealth of water in the place where it was built in the early Middle Ages. Canale di Tenno is a medieval rural village which is survived, almost intact, to the present day.

The village is appreciated for its typical architecture made up of barrel vaults, underpasses, alleys and galleries. Along the road that leads from Canale to Calvola, in a panoramic widening you will find a group of statues representing the “Vicinia” in memory of the collective ownership administration typical of this community. What surprise visitors are the amazing view of the Lake Garda, the mountainous landscape glimpses caught in a Mediterranean atmosphere, because the olive trees and the cypresses give shape and color to landscapes which have the taste of the Tuscany and Umbria.

To see

Village of Frapporta – Outside the walls, in the chief town of Tenno, there is a seventeenth-century tower with an old fountain and a Roman tomb. A large medieval pointed gate lead into the village, where there are still visible traces of the gratings which protected the entrance. Of most importance is the Church of San Lorenzo, one of the most significant expressions of Romanesque architecture in the whole region.

Archaeological area of San Martino – Situated on a terrace on the mountain, it is considered one of the most important examples in Trentino. The settlement shows traces of having been populated from the pre-historic age through to Late Antiquity.

Monte San Pietro – Located in the upper part of the town, a few miles away from Canal.

Church of San Giovanni – An ancient church located in the hamlet of Calvola which deserves a visit.

The artists’ Home “Giacomo Vittone” – It was born in the sixties conceived by the amateur painter Giacomo Vittone. Its activities are concentrated on conferences, summer courses, hospitality for artists and continuous expositions dedicated to yesterday’s and today’s artists.

To taste

Extra-virgin olive oil from Lake Garda

Wine – We remember the Schiava Lorè made with white Chardonnay and Merlot grapes of Tenno.

Salada meat – Beef seasoned with spices; it can be eaten cooked or raw.

Polenta e peverada – A polenta with corn flour and stale bread cooked with a meat peppery broth.

Grappa, honey and chestnuts

To enjoy

Rustico Medioevo – It is the most famous festivals in the village; in the first half of August, for ten days, the town engages tourists and citizens in a festival that mix cooking, tradition, culture and folklore.

Chestnuts Festival – It holds in October in the near hamlet of Pranzo.


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