Asolo, The city of one hundred horizons

Defined by Giosuè Carducci “The City of one hundred horizons”, Asolo is one of the most picturesque old town centres in Italy. Contained within the ancient walls that branch off from the eleventh century fortress, it preserves testimonies of its thousand-year old history in every corner.
A fascinating place on the rolling Asolan hills, Asolo was a destination for poets and writers, artists and travellers that found inspiration and harmony here. Among them, the English poet Robert Browning, the Divine theatre actress Eleonora Duse, the composer Malipiero and the English writer Freya Stark.

A visit to Asolo allows you to combine the pleasure for history and culture with that of dining. In taverns, restaurants and wine bars that overlook the characteristic arcades and squares, you can enjoy delicious dishes prepared with the finest local products and linked to the Venetian culinary tradition. Its name derives from the Latin asylum, refuge, the privileged abode chosen by those who wish to sooth their mind, live in peace, and create. Such as Eleonora Duse, who, tired and dejected, came here after leaving the stage.

To see

Cathedral – Rebuilt in 1747, the façade retains its original Romanesque structure. Inside, there are important artworks.

Church of Santa Caterina – Built in 1346, the church has a smooth hut-like façade. The interior was decorated between the fourteenth and fifteenth century with a first cycle of frescos representing scenes from the Saint’s life and from the Passion of the Christ.

Palazzo della Ragione – Built in the fifteenth century, it houses the Civic Museum, which preserves artworks of different historical periods. The ground floor is occupied by the portico (Loggia) where, during the Venetian period, justice was administered.

Eleonora Duse’s House – On the façade, there are some verses of the Italian writer D’Annunzio, dedicated to the actress’ dwelling.

Pasquali Palace It keeps a stone plaque commemorating Napoleon’s stay in 1797.

To taste

Colli Asolani DOC wine – A sparkling wine, excellence of the territory.

Rice and peas – A traditional Venetian dish.

Soppressa – It is a salami produced with pork, lard, salt, pepper and spices.

Omelet with salami

Radicchio with lard

To enjoy

Antiques Market – Since 1976, in the second Sunday of the month, the village hosts a characteristic antiques market holding in the old town centre.

Asolo Art Film Festival – August and September.

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