Campo dei Fiori, massif of the Luganese Pre-Alps

The autumn season in Italy is ideal for beautiful walks in nature as in Campo dei Fiori in the province of Varese. Here there is in fact a regional park where you can make many excursions along the paths of this territory.

You can find out what the Campo dei Fiori Regional Park is and where it is located. You will also know the details of this natural place to discover. Finally, you can discover the paths in Campo dei Fiori for autumn trekking.


Campo dei Fiori: what is it and where is it located?

Campo dei Fiori is a mountain range in the Prealps north of the city of Varese. This area is protected by the Regional Natural Park that extends for 6300 hectares touching the territory of 17 municipalities in the province of Varese. Also you should know that this massif consists of several peaks. The highest reaches a height of 1200 meters from sea level.

Its position dominates the Varese hills and also the Po Valley. In fact, during clear days you can see the city of Milan and the lakes. Its boundary is bounded to the northwest by the Valcuvia and to the east by the Valganna. The city of Varese is located in the south. The particular characteristics of the land and the geographical position have favored the flourishing of a lush vegetation characterized by the presence of beech and chestnut trees.


The Regional Park of Campo dei Fiori

Now that you know where this place is, you just have to understand what it is. You should know that the Campo dei Fiori Regional Natural Park is a protected area created in March 1984 to protect and preserve the nature of these places in the province of Varese in Lombardy. In fact, its extension occupies the territories of the Campo dei Fiori massif.

Also within the park there are also important complexes of historical and architectural interest. One of the most important is undoubtedly Monte Sacro di Varese. This is a sanctuary that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. An astronomical observatory was built on Punta Paradiso.


Campo dei Fiori: the paths of the park 

The Campo dei Fiori Regional Natural Park has 20 hiking trails that will allow you to visit it in its entirety. But that’s not all, in fact there are also some thematic paths. The park is also crossed by some very important paths both nationally and internationally.

From here the E1 path goes from North Cape in Norway to Sicily. Other important paths that cross these territories are the Jubilee and the Via Verde Varesina. You should know that these are provided with appropriate signs and are easy to walk. One of the most interesting is the number 7, Campo dei Fiori-Punta di Mezzo as well as the number 1 that leads to the Fort of Orino.

In addition to these there are also themed trails that allow you to visit some of the most important areas of the park. The historical and naturalistic aspects of these places are punctually described by the presence of bulletin boards and information points. There are 5 themed trails within the Campo dei Fiori Regional Natural Park. These are:


Grotte di Valganna



Santa Maria del Monte-Forte Orino.

The first runs through the valley giving information on the formation and characteristics of the springs. The second allows you to discover the animals and plants of this area of the natural park. The next one traces the ancient tradition of chestnut cultivation. The fifth theme trail will allow you to get information on the naturalistic aspects of the Ganna nature reserve. Finally, the last will allow you to discover the fortifications built along the border with Switzerland during the First World War.

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