The best Italian olive oil producers

The olive tree origin is lost in the mists of time and its history is intimately linked to the history of civilizations, especially those that have occurred in the Mediterranean Sea basin. Symbol of the Mediterranean diet is undoubtedly the extra virgin olive oil, unique for its taste and its high digestibility, rich in vegetable fats very useful for the body’s health. In world statistics, the Belpaese appears to be in first place with regard to domestic consumption, imports from abroad and exports, also  holding the record about the quality of the oil produced. Italian Traditions will now tell you the history and characteristics of some of the most renowned and prestigious brands manufacturers of the Italian green gold!

Monini – Established in 1920 by Zefferino Monini and headquartered in Spoleto, since its inception the company has specialized in the production of extra virgin olive oil, a product still not widespread in those days. The Monini oil taste is unmistakable: perfectly balanced, harmonious and full, with pleasant fresh notes that recall the smell. It is right in the flavor that lies the secret of its quality. Every day, after lab tests, Zefferino Monini, along with his trusted collaborators taste the oils to select those who will become Extra Vergine Monini keeping the promise of a good flavor, fresh and equal in time. Seriousness, reliability and professionalism distinguish the brand, whose mission is to offer to consumers an unquestionable quality product (Strada Statale Flaminia (uscita EGGI) Km. 129 – 06049 Spoleto (PG) Italia  Tel +39 0743 23261)

Fratelli Carli – The long tradition of the company starts in Oneglia in 1911, year in which the Carli brothers, owners of an established printing house, witnessed a bumper crop of olives in the land of their property. Thus was born the idea of ​​selling the excess oil by selling product door-to-door. The idea was successful, and the old family print shop became a great support for the marketing and advertising of the brand. Even today you can not buy oil and other Carli products in any shop, but only through home delivery. Olio Carli is the fruit of long experience imprinted on harmony between craftsmanship and technique, between the contemporary lifestyle and traditions of our country, between simplicity and research, without forgetting the environment , the planet and people. (Via Garessio, 11 18100 (Imperia) Tel 018737080)

Olio Dante – Oleifici Mataluni – The origins of the brand date back to the mid nineteenth century, when the firm “Giacomo Costa fu Andrea” founded in Genoa in 1854, began marketing the first olive oils bottled and exported to the Americas, where lived communities of Italian immigrants. The name Dante was probably chosen in honor of the great poet, recognized as one of the Italian-ness. Made exclusively from Italian olives picked at the right stage of ripeness, so as to preserve the fragrance of the fruit and its nutritional properties, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil “100% Italiano”, with its strong character and at the same time harmonious, is the spearhead of the line of Dante products, an assortment to satisfy different demands of taste and nutrition.  (Via Badia, Zona Industriale – 82016 Montesarchio (BN)

Oleificio Terrano – For more than half a century the Terrano family constitutes a reference point for farmers and owners of olive groves of Villafrati Cefalà Diana and surroundings. The story of this oil mill begins in Sicily in 1954, when opened the first milling facility. Since then, the constant attention paid to the needs of farmers and the special natural and cultural features of the area, have contributed to the steady development of the company. Oleificio Terrano annually selects the best olives from their territories, in which the olive trees are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. All production processes are performed again according to the craft dictates, from sorting the washing, kneading, decanting, albeit with the help of modern machinery.  (Contrada Passo dei Greci   –  Cefalà – Diana (Pa) Italia 90030 Tel +39 091/8291361)

Oleificio Zucchi – The start of Oleificio Zucchi dates back to 1810 in the Lodi area and then transformed into an industrial reality in the early twentieth century, thanks to the significant amount of volume produced. In 1922 begins, however, the refining process that will allow the commercialization of Oil Zucchi to the food mass consumption market. Environment, Ethics and Quality make up for more than six generating the cardinal principles underlying the company’s policy and of all the activities of the oil mill. For the past two centuries Oleificio Zucchi brings to the table the experience and passion for the oil through different product lines, seed oil, olive oil, and vinegars. The extra virgin Zucchi 100% Italian combines quality and tradition in a careful selection of extra virgin olive oils obtained from the squeezing of only italian olives by mechanical means, cold extracted. (Via Acquaviva, 12 (Cremona) Tel  0372 532111)

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