The beer, A “recent” discovery of the Italian gastronomic field


Beer is one of the most widespread and the world’s oldest alcoholic beverages, known as the “golden drink” and produced through the fermentation of sugars derived from starchy. The most widely used of the latter is the germinated and dried barley malt, more commonly called the malt. Often, in the production process of this drink fizzy, are also used oat, spelled, rye, wheat, maize and rice, also added in the industrial production of beers. Other unusual plants including the creation of beer, are the root of cassava, millet, sorghum and agaves, adoperate mostly in the countries of Africa, Brazil and Mexico.

The more curious will wonder for sure what are the processes for obtaining the final product drinkable! To produce beer, malt must be immersed in hot water where, thanks to the action of certain enzymes present in the radicle which is formed during the germination, the starches present are converted into fermentable sugars. This sugary juice can be flavored with herbs, fruit or more commonly with hops. Subsequently, a yeast is used which begins the fermentation and leads to the formation of alcohol, together with carbon dioxide, which is for the most part expelled, and other waste products resulting from the anaerobic respiration of the yeast. In this process we use ingredients, traditions and different production methods. The type of yeast and the production method, help to classify beer into ale, lager or spontaneously fermented beers. The beer is a global business, but next to it amazes family use which has successfully caught on in recent times. The home production of beer has been active in Italy only since 1995, the year in which it is legally approved.

This reality provides for the manufacture of equipment needed for home brewing, collected in kits and distributed by specialized companies. But always more widespread is the tendency to obtain and build their own tools needed. The style of beer distinguishes the drink according to the features mentioned above such as color, flavor, alcohol content, ingredients and recipe, type of yeast used, type of fermentation. Each style has its origin and history evolved following not only market trends, but also technological success and cost-effectiveness. Given the various types of possible classification, a strict taxonomic subdivision is not applicable: for convenience can be divided broadly, depending on the type of fermentation, between the high fermentation beers for stout and wheat beers, in which it is not usually It used the name of ale.

The beer was historically a beverage produced in northern Europe in countries such as Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, England, among them Italy was a bit ‘bringing up the tail intermini drink production. About fifteen years ago, in fact, there were few Italian quality beers, and to be able to find a good beer, properly served, you had to try a Belgian Trappist in one of those rare pub run by a passionate and competent owner. To date things have changed radically in Italy: we are living a magical and exciting as it is plain for all.

Micro breweries and brewpubs are born, and many homegrown craft beers are always more frequently not only in specialized places, such as pubs and beer-shops, but also in wine temples such as wine shops, wine-bars and, last but not least, high-restaurants level and have a beer list next to the traditional wine list. Craft beers Made in Italy have become the protagonists of increasingly numerous events, public tastings, cultural courses and major national and international events that attract crowds of enthusiasts beer lovers. Interviews, articles, debates, interventions in radio and television broadcasts are continuing at a strong pace. Even the foreign media are taking an interest in our phenomenon. Today, we have more than 250 manufacturers of micro breweries and brewpubs, even more concentrated in the north but now well present throughout the territory, including the islands.

Irresistible blonde with sparkling taste or a seductive amber, the Italian beer is great for any occasion. Award-winning and widely recognized for an informal drink under the summer sky or as companion of a relaxing evening, it’s always the right time to enjoy a sip of passion and tradition all Made in Italy. The IT5 of the week brings us into the world of beer.


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