All shades of Homemade Ice-cream

Fresh and light, refreshing and tasty, ice-cream is a sweet confectionery delicacy among the most popular and widespread in the world. The Italian Traditions Special week’s Special has been devoted to discover  the sweetest and secret sides of this specialty, whose history is closely linked to the culinary tradition of Belpaese.

We have released you all the criteria to recognize a real homemade ice cream: the basic characteristics that affect the temperature, the choice of raw materials and ingredients, texture, color and aroma. All these qualities can be found in the delicious Gelateria della Musica in Milan, which uses only fresh seasonal fruit, or in the Teatro del Gelato in Sant’Agostino, in the province of Ferrara, where thanks to a careful selection of fresh ingredients, they  prepare delicious ice-creams without the addition of dyes, emulsifiers or synthetic flavors.

At the beginning of the week we presented you a brief but completed historical reconstruction of the ice-cream’s history along the centuries: a legend that began in 500 BC in Athens and even touched the Romans and Arabs, Sicilians and Florentines, which through various forms and recipes have reached the ice-cream as we know it today. Heirs of these ancient traditions are the masters of the ice cream parlor Ottaviano Marco in Florence, where in addition to find classic flavors, they experiment to find new and interesting harmonies. Another good example is the Gelizioso, where the master gelato maker Giuseppe Cascella in Sarno, produces ice-cream made with excellent products and raw materials strictly from organic farming.

Practical and tasty, ice-cream has been able to adapt to changing times and new cultures, being an excellent example the Sushi and Sashimi ice cream by the chef Filippo Novelli, a perfect combination of Italian cuisine and Japanese tradition. Also, this excellence delicacy has  tried to meet the needs of the increasingly vegetarians, in which the ingredients commonly used as vegetables, fruits and cereals are preferred, without resorting to fat and animal proteins. Another ice cream quality is found in the Pasticceria e Gelateria Natale, in the heart of the historic city of Lecce which offers a cozy atmosphere and delicious homemade ice cream.

We also visited the famous Museum Gelato Carpigiani, in the province of Bologna: from the origins to the present, offers a complete interactive experience that is based on three levels through five thematic areas, within which you can find historical documents, valuable tools and antique accessories. Not forgetting the space reserved for the most important event based on ice-cream, which includes a contest at European level and a number of events for a really compelling Italian gastronomic event festival. Finally, on the occasion of National Ice Cream Month, held in the US, we have brought you a study by Baskin-Robbins, which associates with irony the different flavors of ice cream with character traits. A special rich to learn to know the true homemade ice cream, another Italian excellence.

Crowned by a crispy waffle or nestled on a golden and crumbly cone, embellished with a fluffy cloud of whipped cream or delicious chocolate drops, discover the soft and fresh taste of the summer king. Read the IT5 of the week.



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