Accessories from the Belpaese, a definition of style


Land of ancient traditions and modern wonders, Italy was always excellence in various fields and sectors: from the cuisine to the movies, from design to architecture, from cars to style, the Belpaese has always been at the forefront, able to look further with an all Italian approach, capable of mixing inventiveness and tradition. For this reason Made in Italy is loved and appreciated all over the world, and for centuries our beautiful peninsula is considered a world leader in the style, especially in the fashion industry.

Italy is a manufacturer and international exporter of high-end luxury goods since the XI – XII centuries. Our beautiful peninsula, so rich and culturally diverse, was at the center ever since a series of international trade routes, thanks to which it has been in contact with different cultures and even people in the Far East, making enormous influence on the world and opening a new and curious look.

The great medieval cities then, the same cosmopolitan and artistic powers that drove the Renaissance, became home to guilds that produced the most beautiful luxury goods of the world, including cosmetics, jewelry, fabrics and leathers. Centuries have passed, but Italy is still the European and worldwide queen of fashion and design, and the elegance and uniqueness of its accessories remains unmatched.

Just to mention some of the brands pillars of women’s fashion and elegance that continue to carry high the name and its tradition: Prada, Gucci and Alviero Martini, for example. This week Italian Traditions invite you to discover the most prestigious and exclusive accessories brand of the Italian scene: you will be brought first in Naples, where since 1914 in Marinella boutiques are produced by hand ties among the finest and most appreciated in the world, then to Bologna, where since 1927 Furla creates leather accessories, belts, hats and bags following the ancient processes and wise traditions, with an elegance and timeless style. Emerged in the campaings of Mantova there is Pasotti, a leading manufacturer of craft umbrellas finely crafted.

We will stop in Turin, where since 1910 under the brand Borbonese are manufactured accessories and refined refined collections, including valuable exchanges with the classic texture O.P. at Occhio di Pernice, a historic icon of the brand. Finally, betweet Milan and Alexandria, is located Borsalino, global and legendary icon that in his creations embodies all the sophistication and quality of the best hats in the world. Rich appointments with the best and most well-known brands of accessories of the whole peninsula, and therefore, the world.

Elegance and refinement meets the perfection of unique geometries; details and inspirations become lovely stylish touches that can make every single outfit. No matters if it is etiquette or eccentric, classic or alternative, the Made in Italy style has no rivals. Desire and luxury in our IT5 of this week.
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