Where to go in Sardinia: “the Cats of Su Pallosu”

Are you looking for a place where to go in Sardinia and spend a day out of the ordinary? Italian Traditions will guide you on the discovery of a feline oasis by the sea which is still little known, but that will surely give all cat lovers an unforgettable experience. This is “The Cats of Su Pallosu,” a beach that is located in the Sardinian town of San Vero Milis where many cats have lived for over a century giving birth to a real colony on the sea. Read on to find out in detail about this unique and particular place, run by an association which is active 24 hours a day. Finally, we will explain how to reach the feline oasis and how to visit it for free.

The story of the Cats of Su Pallosu

The cat oasis at Pallosu has been located on this land for about a century, owned by Gianni Atzori who bought it in 1961 to realize his artistic laboratory for the processing of coral, which remained active until 2002, the year of his death.

Today, on this ground the two Cat lovers Andrea Atzori and Irina Albu live and take care of the cats 24 hours a day for all their needs, with the help of the Association friends of Su Pallosu. The two cat lovers deal with everything concerning the cats, providing them with food, cleaning them and giving them all the necessary attentions.

The activity of the oasis is carried out also thanks to the economic contribution of volunteers and individuals who support the cat lovers with regard to food, veterinary visits and sterilizations. All cats are registered and microchipped and are known both as an example of how to properly attend to animal welfare and for representing one of the major tourist attractions of Sardinia.

the Cats of Su Pallos - Italian Traditions

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The association

To date, the cultural association Amici di Su Pallosu deals with the upkeep of 49 cats and their continuous monitoring. The organization is self-financed and was founded in 2011 with the aim of protecting the territory of Su Pallosu and give world-wide awareness of the cultural, historical, archaeological and natural resources of the resorts in the area.  Surely, the region, with its people, colors and seaside makes Marina di San Vero-Milis really worth visiting. The same organization also manages the colony, protecting and sterilizing cats. The association is also well prepared to accept a contribution from all those who want to provide a donation in money, food or blankets.

Where it is and how to visit it?

The feline oasis at Pallosu is located on the central west coast of Sardinia in the municipality of San Vero Milis, 26 km away from Oristano. It is a small marine village made up of 40 houses; Of these only four are inhabited throughout the year.  The private feline oasis is inside the house museum Gianni Atzori, with entrance from the main road; visits are possible only through free guided tours which are provided  throughout the whole year, but only by appointment and for a closed number of people.

the Cats of Su Pallosu - Italian Traditions

In Italy There are places that deserve to be visited for their natural and environmental particularities. In Sardinia, one of the most famous tourist activities in recent years is the visit to the feline oasis of “The Cats of Su Pallosu”. If you want to discover also some typical regional Sardinian dishes we recommend you read this article. Now that you know the feline oasis on Pallosu you just have to arrange a visit to this particular place and pamper all the cats that are waiting for you on the sea shore.

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