What to visit in Verona, Romeo and Juliet’s town

Although things to do in Italy are definitely so many, Verona is definitely a city to visit and appreciate for its historical and architectural beauty, but also for its heritage of culture and traditions that distinguish it. Here is what to see in Verona: I suggest you 5 places you really should visit. 

Places in the Veneto capital that shouldn’t be missed

Verona Arena

The Roman Amphitheater is one of the most well-known symbols of the city of Verona. The arena, whose construction dates back to the first century – the fourth in the ranking of Roman amphitheatres – hosted the gladiator  performances and accommodated up to thirty thousand spectators. Today it hosts concerts and theatrical performances. There is only the embarrassment of choosing what to do in Italy

La Casa di Giulietta’s House

Although they are only two characters of a work by William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet are, in all respects, an attraction and a consolidated symbol. Thus the Casa dei Capuleti, family to which the girl belonged – dating back to 1200 – has become the House of Juliet, which also houses a bronze statue of the protagonist. And it is said that touching the right breast of the statue brings you luck!

Here the famous balcony opens onto the street where the love of the unlucky couple was born. Although the balcony, in fact, is an ancient sarcophagus used in the early ‘900 during a refurbishment of the palace. Inside, there are splendid frescoes from the Veronese school and a collection of medieval and Renaissance ceramics, a desk is reserved for those who want to write a letter addressed to Juliet. The Casa dei Montecchi, on the other hand, did not have much luck, though Romeo was part of the noble lineage, always in the literary fiction.

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Piazza delle Erbe

We are in the heart of the city, in the oldest square, surrounded by medieval buildings, which have risen up in the place of the Roman ones. The square, which hosts a weekend market, is also the Veronese lounge. Here you can see the Palazzo Comunale, the House of Judges, the Lamberti Tower, the Mazzanti house. Palazzo Maffei and the House of Merchants. Here is also the Madonna Verona fountain, and the Capitello, where the podesta’s once sat. It’s worth taking a look at if you’re in town and you do not know what to see in Verona …

Piazza dei Signori

Piazza dei Signori was the seat of town authority. Surrounded by buildings with porches and arches, it is accessed through the Arch of the Coast. Surrounding it are The Domus Nuova, the Council Lodge and the Palace of the Scaligeri, that ruled Verona for over a century, the Palace of the Capitan and the Palace of Reason..

The Church of Santa Maria Antica, on the other hand, houses the Scaligera Arches, a Gothic-style funerary monument to house the remains of the Scala family representatives such as:

• Cangrande

• Mastino e

• Cansignorio.

In the center of the square stands the statue of Dante, who stayed here during his exile.


It is the fortress wanted by Cangrande della Scala to protect the city from external attacks as well as internal ones, creating an escape route  from the city, thanks to the Ponte Scaligero, which crosses the Adige River. Inside you can find the Major Courtyard with the Arms Square, the Scaligera Palace, the Tower of the Mastio. The castle houses the Museum of Medieval, Renaissance and Modern Art, with works by Mantegna, Rubens and Pisanello.

Now you know for sure what to see in Verona. Visiting Italy is so simple, isn’t it? Continue to follow me for more useful tips …

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