What to visit in Sicily: the Castle of Falconara

When one wonders what to visit in Sicily, the answers are so many that you cannot avoid to be spoilt for choice.

If your wish is to be surrounded by typically Sicilian charm and history, the choice can become even more difficult to make. However, we can help you by recommending one of the most important Sicilian historical residences: the Castle of Falconara.

One of the most beautiful buildings on the island

It is one of the most beautiful structures overlooking the south coast, near Butera, ideal for all those who are looking for a location surrounded by a lush park characterized by typical Mediterranean vegetation with private entry to the sea and a natural pool that helps make the stay unforgettable.

The history of the Castle of Falconara

The construction of the historic residence of the Castle of Falconara dates back to the fourteenth century when it was initially built with the aim to use it for hunting-falcons raising and training. If you are looking for a place for a romantic getaway, where the basic ingredients must be confidentiality and unspoiled landscape, the Castle of Falconara could be just right for you.

It is an excellent starting point from which to discover other enchanted places in eastern Sicily. From here, in fact, it is possible to easily reach magical places such as Piazza Armerina and the Villa Romana del Casale, Ragusa, Ibla, the Valley of the Temples of Agrigento, Noto. Now you have a lot of ideas about what to visit in Sicily, don’t you?

There is also room for enthusiasts of Food & Wine and gourmet cuisine. In this case I advise you to discover some of the best Sicilian restaurants located between Licata and Syracuse.

If you are looking for an Italian villa overlooking the sea, the Castle of Falconara in Butera will not disappoint you, since it is the only place in the whole province of Caltanissetta with direct access onto the water.

The initial purpose of the construction of the Castle of Falconara and in particular of its central tower was the control during the war between the Vespers and the Aragonese of Sicilia, The Angevins of Naples continued to use it for the same reason in 1584, when it was used for surveillance and defense against pirate raids.

However, since the Castle of Falconara has large rooms with striking furnishings, it is ideal for organizing private and business events, such as meetings and congresses which will have a certain success and emotional impact.

But there is more: in fact, it is now possible to experience the thrill of staying at the Castle of Falconara using numerous formulas, which still allow access to the pool, the Park, the sandy beach and the sea.

The fact of being able to use different living solutions allows everyone the opportunity to enjoy this enchanting place immersed in the Sicilian history of the fourteenth century.

Castello di Falconara

Why stay at the Castle of Falconara?

If your dream is to spend a couple of days in a piece of Italian history, without sacrificing well-being and relaxation that only a place like this is able to offer, with a splendid view of the sea, then the Castle of Falconara is the ideal place for you.

The Historical House also guarantees an impressive access to the private garden and a natural pool for your moments of relaxation.

This is really a perfect place to consider if you do not have ideas on what to visit in Sicily. Continue to follow us for many other tips!


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