What to do at Halloween in Italy

Originally from Ireland, Halloween has become a tradition in our country where it is celebrated in every city with many initiatives. Would you like to find out and know what to do in Italy at Halloween?

This much-loved event, by big and small alike, falls on the night of November 1st, an important date that coincides with the day of the dead and results in real “horror” performances.

But it’s not all … from the North to the South of the Peninsula everyone prepares to celebrate in the streets and many other  places, pumpkins are carved and terrifying masks are chosen.

It will amaze you to find out what the various Italian cities organize on the most frightening night of the year, for those who also want to experience an exciting adventure this year.

From Friuli Venezia Giulia, where the historic center is illuminated by lanterns and events of all kinds, to Valle d’Aosta, which traditionally organizes a table for the dinner of the deceased … there is something for everybody!

Are you curious to find out the rest? Then continue reading this article and you will find out what other Italian traditions are dedicated to the night of living dead.

Halloween made in Italy: where and how is this event celebrated

Are you already preparing to experience an all-Italian All saints day? Take a look at where to go to take part in one of the most exhilarating experiences of the year.

But before telling you what to do in Italy at Halloween, I want to briefly explain why this celebration falls right at the beginning of November …

I must tell you that this celebration is most likely due to the Celtic New Year, also called the Samhain Feast …

And it’s not all … during the night before All Saints, considered “the day that did not exist”, the deceased could return to where they used to live and in honor of them, great celebrations were held.

For  this aspect the macabre celebration of October is similar to our commemoration of the dead, through which we want to keep alive the memory of the people who are no longer with us.

But now let’s discover together what surprises it has in store for the lovers of thrill….



The Capital is ready to allow you to spend a long, thrilling night at Rainbow Magic Land, the great amusement park where you will encounter many scary characters …

And that’s not all … you’ll love to know that there are three routes of fear that can be taken to make your hair stand up…


 I want to reveal a little secret … it is said that the grave of the infamous Dracula is actually in Naples, did you know that? That is why an event was organized to explore the city streets.

But wait, because it’s not over … you’ll follow in the famous vampire’s footsteps, and it’s really a 31 October thrilling emotion!


Do you love ice-skating? Then prepare to live some hours of terror on the rink, because in Florence, at Winter Park, you’ll skate surrounded by the most scary masks … brrr!

An all-Italian Halloween featuring characteristic flavours

In the Italian tradition strictly linked to the feast of the deceased, certainly dolci could not be missed in every region.

Are you curious to try the Broad Beans of the Dead? This is a specialty  mainly in Friuli Venezia Giulia as an offering to the dead and prepared with a mixture of:

• almonds

• sugar

• eggs.

And the Bread of the Dead? If you celebrate All saints in Tuscany this year, you have to taste the typical bone shaped dessert  …


Now you know what it means to celebrate this holiday here, you have some more ideas of ​​what to do at Halloween in Italy: you just have to decide how scared you want to be!


  1. ¡Sí, Halloween se celebra en Venecia! Su atmósfera misteriosa es el escenario perfecto para visitas guiadas de temática negra o para fiestas de máscaras del calendario de eventos de Venecia.

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