What kind of traveler are you?


Do you like to travel? Do you love travel around the world? Most people like to travel, but everyone has their own style. That’s why there are different types of travelers. Some people prefer an adventurous journey, other give preference to the culture, someone is looking to relax. And you, what kind of traveler are you? Take our test!

The adventurous

You know how to self manage the trip. Your curious spirit is always ready to immerse yourself in experiences that you have not even imagine at the time of departure. To motivate you is the passion of discovery, exploration of wild. Only one thing scares you: the return!

The sporty

You enjoy sports all year round and do not want to give up the workout even when you’re traveling or on vacation. Indeed, you plan the travel in order to dedicate yourself to your favorite sport.

The cultural traveler

Your love for art and culture pushes you to refer as a destination of your holiday rich cultural city. You also move only to visit must-see exhibitions in different regions or others countries. You travel to satisfy your thirst for knowledge, the desire to surround yourself with beauty.

The relaxing traveler

When you plan a vacation just think the fact that you like to relax and get away from the stresses of everyday life. You like to spend your time at the spa, wellness centers and, in general, in the quiet seaside town, the mountains or the countryside, where to read, walk and eat well!

The traditionalist

You have big ties to your roots: you love to go on vacation, but without lose your habits. Trouble if you do not find Italian food when you are out! You prefer the familiarity and security of the situations that you know rather than to face different cultures and people.

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