Western Sicily, from Palermo to Marsala

Discover the historical and natural beauty of the Sicilian island

Sicily is one of the two major Italian islands and is a territory rich in history and culture to be discovered. The part of Western Sicily is undoubtedly the best way to discover the beauty of the island traveling on the road from Palermo.

During the trip you can also discover the city of Agrigento and the valley of the Temples. Here you can discover what to see during your trip to discover this part of the island.


Western Sicily: the city of Palermo

The road trip in western Sicily can only start from Palermo, the capital of the island. In fact this is one of the places that connect the island to Italy with ferries and planes. The city is culturally very interesting and has many monuments and squares to visit. The suggestion is to walk through the streets of the old town.

The Cathedral of Palermo is an unmissable stop on your sightseeing tour. This magnificent building has been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another interesting place is the market of Ballarò one of the most authentic among those present in the city of Palermo. You should know that every district of the city has its own market.


Here you will find stalls of all kinds with fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and household items. One of the most visited monuments of Palermo is the Palazzo dei Normanni. Inside there is the Palatine Chapel decorated with mosaics covered in gold and paved in Arabic style.

Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples: a journey to discover Western Sicily

After visiting Palermo the journey in Western Sicily continues south to get to Agrigento. The region is rich in archaeological sites of great importance such as Valley of the Temples. This is one of the largest and best preserved sites of classical Greek civilization.

This area corresponds to the archaeological remains of the ancient city Akragos original nucleus of modern Agrigento.Here emerge the imposing remains of the temples dedicated to the Hellenic deities. But that’s not all, in fact you must know that the historic center of Agrigento is also worth a visit as it is a small jewel of architecture.

Also in the city there are many churches and monasteries of great historical value.  

Western Sicily: the climb of the Turks and Sciacca

Continuing on the road in western Sicily you get to the climb of the Turks famous in all the way. This is about a half hour drive from Agrigento. It is a white staircase overlooking the sea and is a real natural monument.


This long cliff has been shaped by water and wind over the millennia. This is the perfect place to walk, relax and dive into the crystal clear sea. Continuing we arrive in Sciacca famous for its production of handmade ceramics that can be admired in over 50 shops in the streets of the old town.

Trapani and Marsala: here’s what to see in Western Sicily

The journey to western Sicily then continues to Marsala known worldwide for the production of the homonymous wine. The city is characterized by the presence of elegant streets and baroque buildings. A stop not to be missed is the one at the salt pans of Marsala.


Then you continue the journey on the road until you get to Trapani.Anche here are to visit the salt pans, fascinating natural area. The old town is a treasure chest. Not too far from Trapani is Erice a wonderful village dominated by a castle that rises on Monte San Giuliano at 740 meters above sea level.

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