A typical dish from the Marche region: the “olive all’ascolana”

Famous traditional dish of the Marche cooking tradition, appreciated and known worldwide, the olive all’ascolana take their name from the city of Ascoli Piceno and consist of green olives in brine, stuffed inside a soft compound meat. Benedetto Marini from Ascoli supports the result of his research and date the birth of the recipe of stuffed and fried stuffed olives in 1800.

At the time, the cooks who served the families of the local nobility, agreeing among themselves, invented these fried stuffed olives in order to consume significant quantities and varieties of meat they had available, due to the increase of the gifts levied on farmers for their masters. The secret of these tasty tidbits is just the use of typical green olives grown in Ascoli hold that stand out from all others by its large size and the wonderful taste slightly sour. Italian Traditions now proposes you the original recipe for this typical dish from the Marche region that you can use to make a special appetizers!


For olives

500 g of green olives of the variety “Tender Ascolana”

400 g of beef

150 g of pork

50 g of chicken

2 eggs

Q.S. onion

Q.S. carrot

Q.S. celery

Q.S. white wine

Salt to taste

Q.S. cloves

Q.S. lemon peel

Pepper as needed

For frying

2 eggs

Q.S. breadcrumbs

Q.S. white flour

Q.S. nutmeg

Q.S. extra virgin olive oil


To prepare Ascolane olives according to the original recipe, start remove the core’s olives with a kitchen knife, making a spiral cut, starting from the stem. Put the pulp spirals thus obtained in a bowl with lightly salted cold water for a few hours, then fry the meat with the vegetables and when they are golden brown, add a little  white wine and salt. Cook for another 20 minutes, then remove from heat, passed through the mincer and flavored with nutmeg. Add the eggs and the cheese making sure that the dough remains soft. Form a ball with a pinch of this mixture and rewind on it’s downward spiral that you have left to stand in water. In flour and then egg previously beaten egg and lightly salted, finally in breadcrumbs. The stuffed olives must have a slightly oval shape and be slightly larger than they were originally. Using plenty of extra virgin olive oil, fry them a few at a time so as not to lower the oil temperature. When the olives have a nice golden color drain them on absorbent paper or straw, and serve hot.

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