Frasassi Caves, An underground show


Have you ever heard about an underground ecosystem, where it is still possible to observe the formation of the concretions, whose drops dig and build real natural architectures and in which life exists undisturbed for millions of years? We are talking about the caves of Frasassi, located in Genga, in the province of Ancona, inside the Natural Park of the Marche Apennines.

It was 1971 when the speleological group  of Marche identified the presence of the “Great Cave of the Wind“, a mysterious place that today draws a semi horizontal path of about 80 meters, which now reaches the edge of the Abyss Ancona, opened only after a few months of excavations. The discovery of Frasassi, as suggested by the title “abyss”, in fact, took place from above, though visitors can see the caves from the opposite perspective, from the bottom.

Of gigantic dimensions, similar to crystal arabesques are the great halls of the Frasassi Caves, in fact, the overall length of which is estimated to 30 kilometers. Then the concretions, are no exception: the “Giants”, the huge stalagmites are 20 meters high and about 15 meters of the Abyss, are those that stand at the center of the “Hall of the Obelisk“. An eccentric spectacle is offered by the “Organ pipes in the Canyon“, so called because of the resemblance to those which make up an equally natural scenery in Colorado. And yet the magical scenery of the “Candles”, thin stalagmites that are reflected on a lake of clear water.

In the complex of caves, as well as fabulous frescoes made by the karst inanimate architecture, there is animal life; there have been counted no less than 67 species of animals, some of which are endemic of this underground ecosystem, including dozens of different species of bats and a colony of more than 12,000 friendly miniotteri. An experience of lights, shadows and breathtaking life undisturbed await you therefore at the Frasassi caves, visited entirely in three different routes to choose from: a tourist route, in which are also included educational workshops for children, and two adventure trails, what called the “Blue”, medium/low difficulty and lasting about two hours, and location “Red” of medium difficulty and lasting about 3 hours, recommended to the more adventurous.

For fan of photo, there is a Photo tour to book on the official website of the caves, where they will have the unique opportunity to make exclusive and beautiful shots, capturing one of the most fascinating and unusual locations in Italy. So, if you find yourself in the Marche region, take a trip in the Frasassi caves! Here you will find pleasant and enchanting  place, timeless, where silence reigns supreme.



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