Tropea, a Pearl in the Tyrrhenian Sea that enchants the whole world

Define Tropea one of the many seaside resorts in Calabria would be too reductive, the rest, if it has been called the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian there will be a reason, starting with the incredible charm that arouse its breathtaking views, the white beaches and the crystal clear sea.

Tropea: cosa vedere nella Perla del Tirreno e dintorni
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A delightful town among the smallest in Italy, but which has so much to offer its visitors. The old town is full of noble palaces built on the rock, which seem to look from above the expanse of sand and the sea, to be visited through organized tours.

Three kilometers of beach, both free and equipped await families and groups to give them an unforgettable experience, lots of fun, water sports and natural beauty without equal.

The Tropea to visit

Many people call it a corner of Calabrian paradise and actually Tropea has all the characteristics to be counted among the most evocative places of Southern Italy, to see at least once.

A small village that hides many jewels to discover, starting from the historic center where you can admire magnificent views of the sea through the so-called “views”, the various noble palaces located overlooking the sea and the Cathedral of the country.

Tropea, il "Borgo dei Borghi 2021" - Guide In Calabria di Alessandra Scanga
Guide in Calabria

It will be fun and relaxing walking through the winding streets full of craft shops that offer products of the earth and many creations in fabric, iron and terracotta.

But not to be missed is definitely a visit to the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’Isola, one of the most beautiful attractions of this town, which stands on a cliff overhanging and offers in front of you the extraordinary view of the Aeolian Islands.

Tropea, Santuario di Santa Maria dell'Isola: ecco tutto quello che c'è da  sapere - Perla News
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There are many legends that hover around this place of worship, also considered one of the most important in the area and visited every year by many pilgrims. From the outer square, you can also clearly see the islands of Vulcano and Stromboli, as well as see the majestic Sicilian volcano.

In the summer, boat or dinghy excursions are organized for Stromboli and Panarea.

Salina Panarea Stromboli Da Cefalù -
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The surroundings of Tropea

There are still many wonderful things to see at Tropea, but there are other beautiful countries not far from it, such as Capo Vaticano only 9 km away, Pizzo Calabro and the Grotte di Zungri, a rock site dating back to the eighth century where today there is a real village.

Calabria: tour di mezza giornata delle Grotte di Zungri | GetYourGuide
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Daydreaming on the beaches of Tropea

Those who have already heard about the Coast of the Gods, will know that this Pearl of the Tyrrhenian is part of it and will certainly know the many natural wonders. Beaches, coves, rocks and caves overlooking a sea of green/ turquoise color (blue flag) can not go unnoticed.

The first beach you come across is that of the Rotonda composed of white sand and equipped with beaches and rental centers of canoes and pedalos. Continue with the spiaggia del Cannone, a real little-frequented corner of paradise, where you can enjoy a relaxing day.

Spiaggia della Rotonda
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The beach of the Convent with a view of the Sanctuary, however, is the ideal place for those who love water sports such as snorkeling and diving, but not very suitable for children because of the deep waters.

Ideal for families is the spiaggia della Linguata where you can have fun playing beach volleyball and admiring the marine life on the seabed. Wonderful also the glasses and the cave of the diver.

La spiaggia della Linguata e i suoi fondali pescosi | Tropea
Tropea Tourism

The most original way to discover Tropea from another perspective is to admire it from above with a parasail or by boat. Fun and exciting is to try the Flyboard, which allows you to fly in the air through the propulsion of water.

Where to sleep in Tropea

Most of the recipes are concentrated in the town, where there are mainly bed & breakfast and holiday homes although there are some hotels and residences.

In the neighboring municipalities, however, there are several resorts that also offer all-inclusive packages.

Tropea and its culinary delights

In a seaside resort like this you can not help but enjoy fresh fish, especially grilled tuna and swordfish as well as a nice dish of spaghetti with sardines.

Yet the queen of the Tropea kitchen is the red onion IGP brand, very sweet and unique flavor, lends itself to seasoning a myriad of different dishes. To taste is the onion tart with local pecorino cheese, pepper and eggs…all enclosed in a delicious shortcrust pastry.

Le Cipolle Rosse di Tropea - Zuccato

Among the events not to be missed this summer are The Sunsets of Ulysses, the spectacle of the descent of the sun in the crater of Stromboli visible along the coast only in two periods of the year, in early spring and late summer.

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