Trieste, a love at first sight kind of town

Needless to say that every single Italian town holds historical, artistic, and natural beauties, yet a trip to Trieste will have you see it in a different way compared to other Italian towns. 

It could be referred to as a frontier town, sea town, and mountain location, but what makes it different is the order and rationality. Spending someday there is surely the best way to know it deeply and manage to breathe the special atmosphere that it can offer. 

What is better than enjoying the natural beauties of the Carso which leads to wonderful towns or visiting old palaces built by the Asbrugics and iconic Piazza Unità d’Italia which faces the sea? 

Cosa fare a Trieste tra cultura, storia e panorami mozzafiato

Let us find out what other memorable places Trieste can offer. 

Trip to Trieste: a little bit of history 

Trieste boasts a very old history, even though there are not too many traces of its ancient and glorious past. We know that it asserted itself as a free town in 1300, but about 80 years later it free willingly decided to be under the protection of Leopold III of Austria establishing with the Habsburgs a long and fruitful relationship. 

The town returned to Italy only in 1918, but its incorporation marked its demotion of only one of the many harbors available instead of the important role it had covered up to that point under the Hasbourgs dynasty. 

World War II marked for Trieste a period of many sad events, so much so that its fate remained uncertain for a long time, as it was claimed by Yugoslavia. In 1954, finally, it became back to Italy. 

During a trip to Trieste there are many ways to find out about its history, through its buildings, its squares and many other important attractions. 

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Trieste, exploring the unspoilt nature of the Karst

Before discovering the real city, you can not miss the wonderful unspoilt nature of the Karst, which you can know through picturesque trails to be covered by bike or on foot. Here you will find small villages of karst architecture and numerous farms where you can taste typical local products.

Trieste e Carso

Ma ciò che davvero lascia senza fiato sono le meraviglie sotterranee, tra cui spiccano grotte scavate migliaia di anni fa da corsi d’acqua e pareti di roccia viva, oltre che godere di un panorama mozzafiato.

Trieste, things to see

Going back in the town centre, the best places to see are many and here are some of them: 

Porto Vecchio (old harbour)

Referred to as a gem of industrial archaeology, Porto Vecchio after a long renovation project offers its visitors wide space to take a walk, a cycling lane and buildings dedicated to art and culture. 

Porto Vecchio di Trieste: nasce il Consorzio Ursus per il rilancio  dell'antico scalo - Il Piccolo Trieste

Molo Audace (bold pier)

Right in front of the famous Piazza Unità d’Italia unfold Molo Audace, which takes its name from the first ship that managed to enter the harbour after World War I and the resulting addition of Trieste to Italy. Here rises a bronze windrose, obtained by melting an Austrian boat sunk by the Italian Navy. 

Molo Audace - Artplace

Borgo Teresiano

The journey in Trieste continue with the Borgo Teresiano, named after Maria Teresa of Austria, first emperess of Austria from the 1700. It is a very neat neighbourhood whose centre feature the Great Channel, to enjoy whilst on the Red Bridge. 


To make it all even more charming is the Church of Sant’Antonio Nuovo, but in the neighbourhood many cafès, restaurants and shops have popped up, making it all more pleasing to the eye. 

Last but not least, you should not miss the Revoltella Museum, the Miela Theatre, the Museum of interactive and multimedia science, the Risiera of San Sabba and the wonderful Caffè degli Specchi, the oldest in town.

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