The top 100 of the best Italian start-ups

The innovative companies that have distinguished themselves in our country

In recent years our country has seen a great increase in the number of start-ups. There are many ideas and innovative proposals. Italian Traditions will lead you on the discovery of the best start-ups of the year 2017. Here you can also understand what the business model consists of and how to start an activity of this type. Finally we will present the different possible types and the best for each of these.


What is a start-up

The start-up is a company model with an activity and a potential that allows for a fast expansion. This is in detail a type of recent organization that intends to become a large company through a scalable and repeatable economic model. The most important features of this system are:

  • its temporary nature
  • experimentation
  • business model.


The first defines the transitory stage, and it consists precisely in a test phase. The second characteristic entails experimentation required in order to find a winning strategy. Finally, the business model must allow for large-scale growth. Another important thing to say is that there are many risks involved as the variables that come into play are many. The best Italian start-ups, or those that succeed, have very high profit margins.


How to open a start-up

To open a start up you need to register with the company registrar and open a VAT position. A very important aspect is the careful analysis of the market that needs to be carried out. Furthermore, the competition must be carefully analyzed, together with the costs to be incurred and the potential. The best Italian start-ups have started with a comprehensively structured economic plan in order to attract as many financial backers as possible. To find the initial capital it is possible to rely not only on this solution but also on crowdfunding or bank financing.


The main sectors of start-ups

In our country the situation in recent years has become more receptive towards innovative companies, which, on their part, have increased their sectors of operation, and now do not limit their interest to the digital world but also provide solutions aimed at a wide range of industries and activities:

  • industrial
  • craft
  • social
  • Business
  • agricultural
  • financial.

The best Italian start-ups

In the ranking of the best Italian start-ups in 2017 there are many providing innovative solutions to the above sectors. An example is the company Allergenio providing especially (but not only) restaurateurs with the first search engine for allergens, an important and immediately appreciated tool to safeguard the health of their custumers


Another interesting activity related to the digital sector is that of Beentouch. This is an application that allows you to make and receive high-definition calls even with slow internet connections. It’s a multiplatform with an app for Android and a web version. Its strength is the exceptional technology and the graphic design suitable especially for mobiles. This has allowed the company to reach over 50 thousand users.


Software and applications related to online commerce have also found excellent reception from companies involved in this constantly growing market. One of the most important examples is that of the Competitoor start-up. This is indeed an e-commerce that allows you to automatically check the prices of the competition and the distribution network in the world.


Cortilia is also an innovative activity started by Marco Porcaro and it allows users to order directly from farmers, with local and national excellences being delivered at home. A guarantee of quality and fresh products being comfortably available to the users.


The increasing number of innovative activities allows a country’s economy to grow and develop. It also allows technological innovations to be applied and aims at improving the lives of users. If you want to find out more interesting information we recommend reading this article too. Now that you know what the best Italian start-ups are you just have to go and discover the services offered

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