The Easter period in Central Italy

During the Easter period in Central Italy there are many rites that are celebrated according to ancient traditions and customs the same way it is done for Christmas. But that’s not all, in fact you must know that in central Italy during Easter it is common to prepare dishes of the local culinary tradition. Here you can find out which are the tastiest recipes concerning the Easter holidays. Finally, you will get to know the most important cities and you will also discover what you can do at Easter in central Italy.

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The traditions and rituals of the Easter period in central Italy

One of the most famous traditional Easter rituals in central Italy is that of the Scoppio del Carro which takes place in Florence, the capital of Tuscany. This ritual even dates back to the time of the first crusades and still takes place today on the streets of the city. A cart pulled by oxen carries a gigantic pyrotechnic tower which is then detonated in Santa Maria del Fiore, after having crossed the streets of the historic center. From the altar of the Cathedral, the bishop sets off a dove-shaped rocket which causes the chariot to explode. In Umbria in Gubbio the procession of the dead Christ on Good Friday is very suggestive. 

scoppio del carro a Firenze
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In the region of Marche, in the Easter period it is tradition to play Scocetta. It is a typical traditional game with hard-boiled eggs. Undoubtedly the best known and most appreciated traditional moment of Easter in central Italy is the one that takes place in Rome, or the ceremony of the Via Crucis. The imposing procession is led by the Pope and starts from the Colosseum to arrive at the Temple of Venus. Also in Lazio, in Tarquinia in the province of Viterbo, another well-known procession takes place. On this occasion a huge eighteenth-century statue of the Risen Christ is transported through the streets of the city

Via Crucis al Colosseo
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Easter rituals in central Italy: culinary specialties

One of the rituals that are characteristic of Easter is that which concerns the Easter breakfast. Like most traditional Easter rites, it is symbolically linked to the concept of rebirth.

formaggi centro italia
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The first Sunday meal is in fact characterized by typical regional dishes such as savory pies, local cold cuts, cheeses and omelettes. In Lazio, in Rome, you eat a typical salami, the corallina, highly appreciated in the capital and which has ancient origins. In Umbria the capocollo is very popular. Among the traditional Easter dishes in central Italy is the cake called Easter bread. This is prepared using these ingredients:

  • flour
  • butter
  • salt
  • pecorino romano
  • yeast
  • egg
  • whole milk.
Pane di Pasqua
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Another specialty of the Easter period in central Italy and in particular in the region of Marche are the cacioni. These are freshly made ravioli filled with eggs and pecorino cheese. For this traditional recipe you need these ingredients:

  • flour
  • egg
  • pecorino cheese
  • extra virgin olive oil.
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Here’s what to do during the Easter period in the most important cities of central Italy

The Easter period in central Italy is ideal for visiting these territories and discovering the beauties and treasures of some of the most beautiful and famous cities in Italy and in the world. One of these is undoubtedly the city of Florence which has been a cultural and artistic center for centuries. There are many things that can be done in Florence both in terms of cultural and sporting aspects

Firenze a Pasqua
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Among the many monuments and museums in the Tuscan capital, the complex of Santa Maria Novella, the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the famous Uffizi gallery and Palazzo Vecchio are absolutely worth visiting. But that’s not all, in fact Florence offers many opportunities for those who want to practice sports. It is possible to take guided tours on the hills on foot or by bike but also to try many other outdoor sports. 

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Another city where to spend the Easter period in central Italy is Gubbio. This splendid village in Umbria offers its visitors numerous opportunities to play sports and to discover the cultural and architectural treasures and beauties of the city. The Palazzo dei Consoli and the Palazzo Ducale as well as the fountain of the mad and the Palazzo del Bargello are worth visiting.

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 Finally, the famous Cathedral of Gubbio is certainly worth visiting. Finally, during the Easter period in central Italy, the city of Rome cannot be missed. Here, there are monuments such as the Phanteon, the Trevi fountain, the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. But that’s not all, in fact there are also many museums such as that of the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica. Finally, the city of Rome also offers many possibilities to do any type of sporting activity both indoors and outdoors.

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