The castle of Monte Sant’angelo, one of the jewels of Puglia

In Italy there are many architectural treasures to discover such as the castle of Monte Sant’Angelo that is located in the Gargano National Park in Puglia. This place is the testimony of different architectural styles that have occurred over time following the various dominations and peoples that have occupied this place in the past.

Here you will have the opportunity to discover what this property consists of and where it is located. But that’s not all, in fact you can also discover the history of the castle of Monte Sant’Angelo. You will also have the opportunity to discover how its structure has changed over the centuries. Finally you will also know what to see in this Apulian village near the castle.


What is and where is the castle of Monte Sant’Angelo?

The castle of Monte Sant’Angelo is a structure located in the homonymous town in the province of Foggia within the Gargano National Park. This place with an ancient history has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Today you can visit it and discover its splendor and its history. Upon entering you will come across the guard post which is located on the right and a room where the stables and an ammunition depot are located. The Treasury Room is located on the upper floors. From this room you can access the rooms of the castle on one side and those of the courtiers on the other.

The small Apulian village can be reached by car through the Adriatica A14 motorway, exiting at Foggia. By train you can reach from the main cities of Italy station Foggia. From here you need to take a bus to reach your destination.


The history of the castle of Monte Sant’angelo

The most ancient testimonies about the castle of Monte Sant’Angelo and its realization date back to the ninth century in the period of Orso I bishop of Benevento who had it built from nothing. Following the domination by the Normans, the castle became the residence of the princes of the lordship of Monte Sant’Angelo.

Later Frederick II had it restored to make it the home of his lover and last wife Bianca lancia. In this regard, there is a legend that tells that the castle still houses its ghost that is said to be seen in particular in winter. After the death of Frederick II passed to his son Manfred and then to King Conrad.

Later it was used by the Angevins mainly as a prison. The castle was then restored to its former glory by the Aragonese at the end of 1400. From the middle of the sixteenth century it became the possession of the Grimaldi princes until it was donated to Cardinal Ruffo in 1700.


Castle of Monte Sant’Angelo: its structure 

You should know that the castle of Monte Sant’Angelo has seen several changes in both structure over the years. One of the symbols of the castle is undoubtedly the tower of the Giants that was made by Roberto il Guiscardo and has a height of 18 meters.

Undoubtedly the most important interventions were made then by Frederick II. He was also responsible for the construction of the wonderful Hall of Treasures. Later the castle of Monte Sant’Angelo was strengthened with the construction of two more towers. In the past it was defended by a wall and a moat.


What to see near the castle of Monte Sant’Angelo

Today the castle of Monte Sant’Angelo is open to visitors and is one of the many attractions of this Apulian village. In fact there are many things that can be seen in these places such as the famous Shrine of San Michele Arcangelo which has been a pilgrimage destination since the sixth century. Legend has it that in the cave below the church appeared the Archangel Michael who left his mark here.

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