The best adventure parks in Italy

They are chosen for birthdays, as original activities of team building or simply to spend a fun day in the company: the adventure parks are ideal for those who want to have fun, try adrenaline experiences and be in contact with nature.

In Italy there are many adventure parks that offer various activities, many of which reserve space for the entertainment of children, thus becoming the perfect destination for families. Let’s see, below, what are the 10 best adventure parks in Italy!

Adventure park Mont Blanc

The adventure park Mont Blanc, in the Aosta Valley, offers 7 routes divided by difficulty, plus an adventure for the bravest. The path extreme is famous for its zipline overhanging the breathtaking Orrido of pre-saint-Didier: pure adrenaline!


Acropark Rio Centa

With 8 routes and 30 activities divided by level of difficulty, this adventure park in Trentino also offers an additional experience, really unique: The “Big Circle”, that is the perimeter tour of the park with flight over the Rio Centa.


Three Oaks adventure park

It extends in the Natural Park of the Hill of Superga and offers its visitors 7 routes, some of which designed for children, and 60 aerial games. Among the most exciting activities to do in this adventure park Piedmont there is the tree climbing with jump in the void.


Tree Experience

Among the adventure parks easily accessible starting from the big cities there is the Tree Experience where, a few minutes from Milan you can spend a day full of adventure: 3 routes (easy, medium and difficult) made of bridges, jumps, lianas and pulleys. And, of course, lots of fun!

Tree Experience

Summer adventure park

Among the most evocative Italian adventure parks, the Solleone rises in the Bay of the Sun, with breathtaking views of the Gulf of Alassio. The park offers 3 acrobatic routes on the trees divided by difficulty and a climbing wall. In addition, you can rent a mountain bike to enjoy the view while cycling.

Borghi di riviera

Adventure park Cinte Tesino

This adventure park offers paths for everyone and also the possibility, by reservation, to be accompanied by an instructor during the course of the chosen path. It offers 5 paths that go up to 15 meters high; recently opened the area dedicated to paintball.

il Dolomiti

Canyon Park

The first among the Italian adventure parks that offers an aerial path built among the rocks for a total of 1000 meters of route suspended over the creek: ideal for those looking for strong emotions and loves to feel free! You can also explore the canyon with the sup board.

Viaggi del genio

The Alburni Adventure Park

This park offers 7 routes, each suitable for different age groups and more or less experienced people. Within the park you can do many activities such as: yoga classes, fitness and theme adventures. There is also a fantastic picnic area where you can relax after the fun.

Voce di strada


In the Sila National Park there is this adventure park, the most beautiful of Calabria, with 12 routes also planes, 2 walls for hiking and the opportunity to spend the night in the park. And after tackling the paths, visitors to the park can experience the relaxing sensory experience of barefooting, walking barefoot on the ground.


Adventure park Madonie

In Sicily, near Piano Battaglia, the parco avventura Madonie offers 10 acrobatic routes and 80 games. Alongside the paths, this park also offers many other activities, such as: hiking, trekking, horseback riding, archery, orienteering and various excursions immersed in the surrounding vegetation. In addition, you can spend the night inside the park, sleeping in a suspended tent or in a tree house.

Parco avventura macedonie

Why choose an adventure park stay?

The adventure parks are a great idea to spend a day or weekend with a couple, friends or family. It will be a fun but also regenerating experience, thanks to the wonderful natural environments in which the Italian adventure parks are located. In short, an unforgettable experience.

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