Skiing in Rome, here are the favorite destinations of the Romans

Rome is among the most famous cities in the world, and the millions of tourists who flock all year round, in the ancient yellow of Trastevere or in the aperitifs kissed from the west to Ponte Milvio do not suspect that many Romans are fond of skiing.

And if the Alpine peaks are far, in the north, not everyone knows that it is possible to ski in Rome. Yes there are snowy slopes and ski resorts not too far from the capital. 

Here you can admire breathtaking landscapes and you can have fun skiing with friends: we talk about the ski areas of Monte Livata, Terminillo and Campo Felice.

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Monte Livata, where to ski in Rome 

The Monte Livata is the only ski resort in the province of Rome from which is about 80 kilometers. It is located a short distance from Subiaco and is immersed in the Park of the Simbruini Mountains.

To get to this wonderful location you can drive along the A24 motorway. The exit is the Vicovaro-Mandela from which you then reach Subiaco and then arrive at Monte Livata. Here there is a four-seater chairlift called Monna dell’Orso that allows you to enjoy six snow-covered slopes suitable for all levels of skier. 

In addition, in Fossa dell’Acero and Campo dell’Osso there are three treadmills that serve an area reserved for snowboarding and skiing for beginners. At Monte Livata you can also practice cross-country skiing thanks to the presence of four groomed slopes. These are 3 rings of 2, 5 and 7 kilometers and the track that starts from Campo dell’Osso to get to the start of the chairlift of Manna dell’Orso.

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Skiing in Rome, the Terminillo 

A very interesting place to ski near Rome is Monte Terminillo. This is a mountain range of the Apennines that is part of the Reatini Mountains in the province of Rieti in Lazio.The distance from Rome is 100 kilometers which makes it a perfect destination for those who want to have fun on the snow without getting too far from the city.

Monte Terminillo is one of the best equipped winter resorts in central and southern Italy. Here you will find over 40 kilometers of snow-covered slopes that develop between 1500 and 2100 meters above sea level. These are served by three chairlifts and 9 ski lifts. The area has slopes suitable for beginners and children but also more complex slopes ideal for experienced skiers.

Monte Terminillo offers great emotions for those who are passionate about cross-country skiing. In this locality of the Apennines there are 25 kilometers of paths that develop at an altitude between 1500 and 1600 meters.  One of these slopes is also equipped with a lighting system that allows you to walk it even at night.

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Campo Felice, the ski area near Rome 

Campo Felice is located on the karst plateau of the Abruzzo Apennines between the municipalities of Lucoli and Rocca di Cambio and the slopes of the Velino mountain range.  This resort is one of the most famous ski destinations in central Italy and can be easily reached from Rome from which it is 110 kilometers.

The ski area is located in an ideal position that allows you to ski on both sides of the mountain that are the side of Campo Felice and that of Rocca di Cambio. This makes it ideal for those who love skiing and snowboarding. There are 24 slopes of varying difficulty that extend for over 40 kilometers. For beginners there are dedicated spaces where you can learn to ski.

But that’s not all, in fact there are also a snowpark and a fun area where children can have fun in peace. The state-of-the-art lifts start at an altitude of 1400 metres and reach 2064 metres. Thanks to the presence of over 3000 snow cannons it is possible to ski even in periods of poor snow. In Campo felice there are also slopes dedicated to cross-country skiing.

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Skiing in Rome, here are other interesting places 

Another place to go skiing near Rome is that of Campo Imperatore which is always in Abruzzo not far from Campo Felice on the Gran Sasso mountain range. The ski area is located on a plateau and can be reached by the GranSasso cable car that allows you to reach Campo Imperatore.

Here are the facilities that allow you to ski on over 20 kilometers of slopes suitable for everyone. In addition, there are also 60 kilometers of cross-country skiing trails and some trails dedicated to ski touring. In the province of Frosinone there is a place where you can ski near Rome.

This is Campo Catino located 115 kilometers from the capital. Located north of Terminillo, on the border between Lazio, Umbria and Abruzzo there is Campo Stella where there are lifts and slopes for alpine skiing just over 100 kilometers from Rome.

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