Sicily and Sardinia, the winter sea

Winter is ideal for visiting Sicily and Sardinia. In fact, the major islands offer unique emotions. Moreover, in this period of the year they offer the visitor a different view than in the summer months.

There are many advantages you can have going to the larger islands in winter than in summer. Here you can discover Sicily and its wonders. Also you can discover what to see in the Sicilian island. But that’s not all, in fact you will also discover Sardinia and the things you can see in winter on the island.


Major islands in winter: Sicily

Sicily is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Italian regions and also one of the most popular tourist destinations throughout the year. In fact, there are many opportunities to visit the island in winter.

In fact in this period tourism focuses mainly on the aspects concerning the culture, history and art of Sicily. The more moderate temperatures compared to the summer allow you to visit all the wonderful Sicilian cities. Winter is also perfect for those who want to explore one of the many Sicilian archaeological parks. 

What to see in Sicily in winter?

During the tour of Sicily in winter you have the opportunity to see and discover many fascinating things. If you intend to visit the island in December the suggestion is to start from one of the beautiful medieval villages.

Certainly among the most fascinating is Erice located at 750 meters above sea level. From here you will have the opportunity to admire one of the most beautiful sunsets of your life. Here there is also a fascinating medieval castle to visit.

But that’s not all, in fact the Sicilian island offers tourists many charming characteristic villages where you will have the opportunity to breathe the Christmas atmosphere during your tour of the major islands in winter. In fact, walking through the streets of Petralia Soprana, Sottana, Caccamo and Castelbuono you can discover the beautiful decorations and traditional Christmas markets.


Main islands in winter: Sardinia

The tour of the main islands in winter continues in the wonderful Sardinia. You should know that together with Sicily this is one of the favorite destinations for tourists from all over the world who visit the island throughout the year.

In fact, the milder temperatures and the greater tranquility compared to the summer allow you to discover different aspects of Sardinia. Another aspect not to be underestimated is the fact that in winter you have the possibility of obtaining considerable savings.

In fact, you should know that during this season the prices of flights and ferries to reach the island are much lower. Finally, the stay will certainly be much cheaper.


What to do in Sardinia on the main islands tour in winter

If you want to discover Sardinia in Winter you can not leave from the main city of the island, Cagliari. Located in the south it has a thousand-year history with its fortifications, historic districts and churches. Another thing to do in Cagliari is to go to Mount Urpinu from where you can enjoy a magnificent 360 degree view of Cagliari.

But that’s not all because during your trip you can also go further north until you reach Iglesias. This is the area of Sulcis where many disused mining sites are located. For this reason the month of December is perfect for lovers of industrial archaeology to visit the area.

Finally during the tour of the major islands in winters you should also visit the beautiful city of Alghero located in the north of the island. One of its main features is the presence of medieval towers and fortifications.

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