San Mattia Agritourism in Verona: the best way to experience Veneto!

Advising you where to eat in Veneto is certainly not easy. In every corner of this beautiful area there is a delicacy to taste in typical local restaurants.

Restaurants, trattorias and even pizzerias are always ready to offer and allow their customers to taste the flavors and peculiarities of typical Venetian dishes.

Yet there are some places that have something more: the agritourisms! And the reason is simple. Behind every farm there is the passion and pride of those who offer their own products or those of a nearby farm, and is proud of doing this between beautiful hills and greenery that characterizes a fantastic region.

And not only that, those who have the pleasure of stopping for a few hours at one of the many agritourisms in Veneto can certainly enjoy excellent local wines.

Let’s take the case of Agriturismo San Mattia in Verona, a small farm located on the hill nearest to the beautiful center of  Verona, and whose main activity is viticulture with its own production of fantastic wines such as Valpolicella Superiore Dop and the excellent Amarone of Valpolicella Docg. Just for a tasting of wines of this level deserves a visit to this Agriturismo, which is, among other things, the closest to Verona.

But the magic of an agritourism certainly doesn’t stop at good food and tasting fine wines, it is the whole environment that makes it special.

dove mangiare in veneto

Where to eat in Veneto: what makes an agritourism special

As soon as you enter the gate of an agritourism, the scent of nature that surrounds it offers unique and unrepeatable sensations.

The charm that the surrounding area emanates and the position in which such a structure is located enchants and relaxes in every sense.

If you are a person who particularly loves quiet and genuine food, you will be sure to find them in one of the many Italian agritourisms, which we are lucky to have.

These facilities are ideal for those who want to spend a regenerating holiday or just a break full of good living.

Yes, because in places like these you do not just stop to taste self-produced food and delicious wines, but also to switch off and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.

There are many agritourisms, such as the San Mattia in Verona, which offer its guests comfortable and panoramic accommodation, so that your stay is perfect in every sense!

Where to eat in Veneto to taste some 0 Km cuisine

The highlight of an agritourism is the cuisine it proposes, based mainly on raw materials produced from its own land.

Have you ever noticed that the culinary proposals are always limited? The reason is precisely because they depend on the season and, consequently, on the  availability.

Try to visit one near Verona and you will immediately notice that the menus proposed take into account what the countryside produces during this period.

But you will be able to taste many delicacies and remember the flavor for a long long time:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Oil
  • Jams
  • Wine.

And there is nothing better, after a truly genuine meal, than visiting the winery, the oil mill, the agricultural fields and the farms, and to see the care with which they are kept and the ideal environment that hosts them.

Moreover, supporting a farm is also an excellent opportunity to admire the surrounding territories and contemplate its natural and historical-cultural beauties.

The San Mattia, for example, is not so far from Verona, the romantic city dedicated to Romeo and Juliet as well as the Arena, the monuments, and is always able to organize events not only for tourism.

So why not take the opportunity to visit it after spending pleasant hours relaxing in one of the best Italian places to eat?

dove mangiare in veneto

How to reach Verona

Due to its historical, tourist and industrial importance, Verona is one of the cities best connected by road and rail networks. By plane you land at Villafranca airport and you can reach the city center in a few minutes by taxi or bus service.


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