Pozzo di San Patrizio, underground masterpiece

The well of San Patrizio is among the main tourist attractions of the city of Orvieto located in the province of Terni in Umbria. The city is rich in artistic and cultural beauties to discover. The well is a particular architectural structure very suggestive and has an ancient history to discover.

The peculiarity of this architectural marvel is that the two internal stairs that go down in the depths of the well itself never meet each other.

The well of San Patrizio is surrounded by nature and from here you can admire a splendid view of the Orvieto plain. There are also other interesting monuments to discover nearby such as the fortress of Albornoz and the Etruscan Temple.

Orvieto the well of San Patrizio, where is it?

The well of San Patrizio di Orvieto is an architectural structure carved into the rock with a depth of 62 meters and a diameter of 16 meters. This is located in the center of the Umbrian city and was made to ensure water to the city even in case of siege.

A particularly striking element of the well are the two overlapping stairs with double helix. One goes down selling the source while the other goes up. To reach the well of San Patrizio in Orvieto you can take the funicular in Piazza Matteotti.

The history of the well of San Patrizio in Orvieto

The well of San Patrizio di Orvieto was built in 1527 by order of Pope Clement VII who entrusted the work to the architect Antonio Sangallo the Younger. The original name of this extraordinary architectural work carved into the rock was the well of the Rocca as it was located near the fortress of Albornoz.

In fact, it served the function of providing water to the fortress. Only in 1800 the well took the name of today. This name has no connection with the local characters but refers to the Irish abyss where according to legend he used to pray to Saint Patrick.

According to legend, St Patrick used to pray inside a deep cavity. In this bottomless grotto the faithful could be convinced of the atrocities of the sufferings of hell. Only those who had reached the bottom after a series of trials would have obtained the remission of sins and access to heaven.

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Orvieto the well of San Patrizio, here’s what to see

The well of San Patrizio in Orvieto is a true masterpiece of engineering and architecture of the Renaissance. Its external appearance is very particular as it is a cylindrical structure with two separate entrances that is decorated with Farnesian lilies of Pope Paul III.

At the entrance there is the Latin inscription “what did not give nature, procured industry”. This writing recalls how the intelligence and intelligence of man can intervene to remedy the shortcomings of nature.

Not far from the well are the remains of the ancient Etruscan Temple. Also in this area there is also the fortress of Albornoz which is equipped with drawbridges and moats. The fortress was built in 1300.

One of the aspects that makes the visit to the well of San Patrizio in Orvieto particularly impressive is the view overlooking it. In fact, this place was chosen both for its strategic location and for its charm. From here you can admire the valley of Orvieto surrounded by greenery and nature.

The traditional recipes of Orvieto

The traditional cuisine of the city of Orvieto is characterized by the presence of simple and genuine dishes. The recipes are based on the use of fresh local ingredients. Among the protagonists of Orvieto’s cuisine are fresh homemade pasta, pork and black truffle of Norcia.

Orvieto’s cuisine is typical of the regions of central Italy and is also influenced by the Lazio and Tuscan cuisine. Among the most ancient and typical recipes of the city there are the chicken cacciatora and the palomba leccarda.Molto also appreciated the game products.

As for first courses, one of the most appreciated recipes is that of umbrichelli with truffles. Another traditional dish is homemade tagliatelle served with meat sauce or alternatively with wild boar sauce. Finally, other traditional food of Orvieto are the lumachelle alla orvietana.

It is a product made with a dough similar to that of bread to which is added pecorino, lard and ham. After a generous meal enjoy Orvieto walking among its wonders, it will not disappoint you.

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