Portofino, the elegant village symbol of Liguria 

Living room, pearl, icon and legend: welcome to Portofino. Always a symbol of luxury and glamour, the village with colorful houses that crown the famous square, mirrored in the clear sea of its bay, like an impressionist watercolor is known worldwide. 

Portofino attracts thousands of visitors every year, The characteristic Ligurian village has ancient origins favored by being a haven sheltered from all winds. With Via Veneto in Rome it was one of the symbolic places of the Dolce Vita , of the Italian style, loved by Hemingway and Bogart. Today it combines the luxury of the most exclusive botiques with the simplicity of a delightful Ligurian village. 

Nature is the real protagonist of this area of Liguria. Portofino is set in a cove along the coast of the Gulf of Tigullio. Here you can discover how to reach this charming town and you can know what to see and do during your stay in Portofino.


Portofino: here is where it is

Portofino is a town of 400 inhabitants in Liguria in the province of Genoa. Its picturesque landscape, in the middle of the Gulf of Tigullio is appreciated by tourists from all over the world because it still looks like a small fishing village. In Portofino you can reach from the sea to the marina or by car along the road that starts from Rapallo. 

This small seaside village does not allow the transit of vehicles and for this reason one of the best ways to get there is to take the bus from Rapallo to Santa Margherita Ligure. Here is also the nearest train station. Finally you should know that there are also boats that allow you to reach Portofino from Santa Margherita Ligure, Rapallo, Chiavari and Sestri Levante.


What to see in Portofino?

One of the unmissable attractions is the historic square of the historic center, overlooking the marina, and since 2012 can boast of the title of local historic, unique case in Italy for a square. Another of the places to visit in Portofino is the Castle of San Giorgio which is perched on the rocky promontory overlooking the center of the Ligurian village. 

Here there is an incredible viewpoint that offers a magnificent view of Portofino and the surrounding landscape. Along the road leading to the castle from the square in the center is the church of San Giorgio dedicated to the patron saint of Portofino built in the twelfth century. You can also reach the most extreme tip of the promontory by continuing on the road past the castle. 

Here is the iconic lighthouse of Portofino. Finally another particularly impressive place to see is the Abbey of San Fruttuoso a Benedictine monastery. It can be reached on foot through the natural park of Portofino. It can also be reached by boat from different ports in Liguria.


Portofino: discover what to do and what to eat

Portofino offers its visitors many things to do. There is no doubt that you should stop by one of the beautiful beaches that are nearby along the bay. The three most famous are the beach of Paraggi, San Michele di Pagana and finally the beach of Santa Margherita Ligure. 

During the evening hours the square of Portofino comes alive and becomes the ideal place to enjoy an aperitif. Then you can not miss a dinner in one of the restaurants where you can discover the flavors of traditional Ligurian cuisine. Undoubtedly the most famous is the pesto alla genovese but there are also many other typical dishes to discover such as chickpea farinata and minestrone alla ligure. But that’s not all, in fact even the dishes based on fish and shellfish as the typical appetizer of scabecciu fish of the Gulf of Tigullio are a must try.


A product of the highest quality of portofino is the extra virgin olive oil, to taste is the famous Ligurian focaccia.  Among the first dishes of the tradition you can not try the pansotti with the walnut sauce typical of these territories of the Ligurian Riviera of Levante. 

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